General Assembly Minutes 12/26/2011 pm

Moderator- Scott

Facilitation- Jamin & Kristen

Stack- Miguel

Scribe- Jenny

28+ people in attendance

Work Group Report Back

Media- Jenny- Mouse is doing an excellent job with the livestream. Yesterday we had at least 95 viewers from around the globe. Livestream is up and running daily.

Roccupy- Capital- 1201 Andrews is a new location for Roccupy Work Group. Working towards making a youth center possible.

Work Group Reorganization- Jenny- January 7, work group meet and greet/work group reorganization day, get the new faces involved, meet up with the people who are already involved but haven’t made it out in awhile, Find out who still wants to be involved.

Research- Scott- get ahold of Scott if you want to be a part of the Research Work Group, email him;   He will then send the link to the reddit discussion.


Trae- HPD took our fire. Bbq pit is gone. Need to research the burn ban.

Capital- If you want to be involved in the 1201 Andrews project, get ahold of him.


Jenny- Occupy Houston has been invited to participate in the Global Round Table worldwide Occupy conference chat. Proposal to go ahead and rsvp that we will be there and let Mouse continue to do his thing representing Occupy Houston. -passed-

Jenny- Make January 7, 2012 a Work Group Re-Organization/Meet and Greet day. -passed-


Anthony- Merry Christmas to all. Glad to see everyone out here.

Jenny- Occupy Labor Ready coming soon.

Trae- Happy Holidays, Christmas GA was great and productive, discussed a lot of issues and came up with solutions.

Scott- Met some people invoved with Friends of Cherryhurst, this is a group trying to get community involvement to keep the community center open. This could be a great #OH project.

Shariff- Visiting from Egypt, means a lot to see us Occupying, wasn’t going to speak but very greatful and felt the need to, keep occupying, stay strong, Solidarity from Egypt.

Veronica- Visiting from Occupy Las Vegas, they stay at a place called Area 99, we need to continue to work together, not let our petty arguments divide us, do not allow the divide and conquer attitude, fb name; Veronica Robeledo, Solidarity from Las Vegas

Trae- urban farming on Sundays at Last Organic Outpost

Matt- do not be afraid to go to jail, there are protests in jail as well, cannot live in fear

Trae- It’s OK to be Radical.

Consesus to adjourn, passed.