General Assembly Minutes 12/29/2011 pm

Evan- Moderator

Scott- Facilitator

Jenny- Facilitator/Stack

Jamin- Scribe

Chris- Timer

30 in attendance

Work Group Report Back

Work Group Meet & Greet – Jenny- On January 7th there will be a Work Group Meet & Greet/Work Group Re-Organization Day. Imagine Job Fair, but a Work Group Fair. Starts at 2. Participation looks to be promising.

Tranquility Park- Joe- Trying to get Port-o-Potties.

Roccupy- Scott- Roccupy House is being converted into office space. Tents are allowed. Place to go to get out of the rain. Rules; No one allowed in house without a keyholder present. Attempt to follow TABC guidelines for kitchen safety. Possible shoes off policy. No writing on walls. Also, help will be needed to clear out the lot across the street.


Jamin- Audience with chief of police requires a written letter. Read first draft of letter. Letter to be posted on website.

Remington- Occupy the Airwaves is no longer on FM radio. Moved to HD radio. Call KPFT- 713-526-4000 to show support. Speak to Ernesto.

Trae- Discussed gaining access to dump trucks and construction tools for the lot across from the Roccupy House.

Jenny- Occupy Labor Ready hopefully coming soon.

Joe- New Years Eve free metrorail.


Evan- Proposed to have an Occupy Houston Blood Drive on a Saturday coming up. 25 persons needed to get the blood drive truck out there. Debb to be the first recipient due to her cancer treatment.  -passed-

Chris- Proposed to make the announcement section of GA’s 3 minutes long due to always running out of time on announcements. -tabled-


Jason- spoke of money orders being stolen. Trying to find a way to deal with that.

Scott- Doesn’t think GA’s are good for resolving personal conflicts.

Tyler- Be responsible for your own things.

Diane- Shunning is a way to deal with a thief.

Trae- Likes Diane’s idea.

Jenny- Ex-communication can also be a great tool.

Tyler- Wants dialogue about issues of theft.

Miguel- Spoke of protecting the freedom of speech on sidewalks.

Consensus to adjourn