General Assembly Minutes – Nov 30, 2011

Approximately 27 in attendance, quorum achieved

Facilitators: Jerimiah
Stack Coordinator: T.
Stack: Kevin
Timer: Swim
Scribe: TC
Greeters: Ben F.
Moderator: Jocelyn

Jeremiah demonstrated our non-verbal communication methods and hand signals.

Workgroup Announcements and Q&A:

AdoptAVoice – The program has distributed 4 packages so far. A 5th package is in the pipeline & will be distributed once the donor’s PayPal funds have cleared. Now that the low hanging fruit has been picked, she needs Occupy members to advertise program’s website to their friends to generate more donations. ( At this time, we need at least 4 more donations to cover all the occupiers who are on the ground 24/7. If additional donations come in beyond that, primary workgroup contributors already nominated will receive priority.

Finance – Jenny has completed editing the workgroup’s minutes. Our petty cash balance is $329.00 and the WePay account has $3,520.00.

Freedman’s Town Outreach Group – Ian needs volunteers to staff a proposed outreach visit a Baptist church in freedmans’ town- see Ian after the meeting. Shamus underscored the need to maintain good relations with this community, as he lives among them and sees value in their support.

Peacekeeping/Security. – Ben F explained the function of this workgroup for the benefit of newcomers. The last Peacekeeper’s meeting was not attended by anyone. Next meeting is tomorrow after the GA. (Thursday Dec.1st.)

Sustainability – This was Shamus’ first report back in 10 days – Explained the function of the group for the newcomers. Due to multiple commitments, the group is getting smaller, but will be harvesting greens from the vegetable bins to make a giant salad. For more info about the sustainability group, see the tab at . They need more worms to create compost, as many of the original ones died or were accidentally thrown away…

Workgroup Proposals – NONE

Personal Announcements:

Jorge – As you know, the people who are going to DC are at a meeting right now . So this announcement is on Trey’s behalf. This Sunday, the Occupy Arts Show will start at noon and continue through the day – Music, Poetry, Art and Theatre genres are welcome.

Sarah – Is analyzing a list of foreclosed homes that we may try to occupy or march on which are scheduled to be auctioned on December 6th. Other cities’ Occupy movements have taken similar action. A proposal will be presented to the GA on December 4th that will target Bank of America as primary holder of the properties we wish to defend.

Jenny – Instruction from Jamin – If you use electrical appliances, please plug them directly into the outlets instead of using extension cords. Tickets will be issued and the items will be confiscated.

Dawn – Tomorrow the Clear Lake chapter of will be holding a rally at the Mickey Leland Federal Building. Party to protest, partly to congratulate Sheila Jackson Lee on her re-election. December 1st starting at 4:00pm.

Julie – Member of Peace and Justice for Palestine. They are connected to the Freedom Riders in Palestine. Their goal is for Israel to ‘de-occupy’ Palestine. They will be addressing the Houston City Council next week to complain about the praise that Anise Parker heaped upon the Israeli government during her recent trip. See

Personal Proposals:

Capital – To use $300.00 from the camp’s fund to purchase two netbooks so that the camp may have a livestream available at all times and to be able to monitor the activities of the police and to keep in touch with other occupiers. A secure container will be part of the purchase. (Friendly amendment accepted) If a netbook is not already donated to the camp, by next week, the fund shall be released. If $300.00 does not cover the total price, Capital will re-submit his proposal again with the higher amount. PASSED

Ian used his block to protest in a very loud and rude manner that we are all idiots. He believes having a livestream compromises his privacy.

Jamin – To organize of a march on the homes facing foreclosures on December 6th & to stand in solidarity with the “OWS Goes Home” action. PASSED


James – (newcomer) Has been hearing about us in the news and is inspired by our passion – helping people directly is awesome. He wants us to shed more light on the Citizens United decision. He believes our fight against corporate corruption can make a difference.

Pierre – It’s been a week since I’ve been back here and I feel so good to be back. Two ideas; 1) Took the temperature of the assembly as to their feeling about an Occupy Houston Christmas tree. (response was tepid) 2) He attended a foreclosure webinar last night and encourages us to work together with other Occupy chapters through .

Ben F. We need more people to protest at the Russian consulate. This Sunday there will again be a protest against the Syrian regime. At the last one, they had lots of people and they gave away free shirts and signs. They learned Arabic protest chants. He would also like a Bahrain protest. Next week a large number of Occupy Houston folks will be in DC, but those not going should to step up to watch over the camp in their absence.

John – The Occupy Talent flyer is finished and advertises the show on Sunday. Be sure that you’re here in unmarked clothes. Happy that it was scheduled after the Clean Sweep operation.

Ian – Wants to remind everyone here that, “Following my arrest date, every GA meeting held since then is invalid because I was arrested in the middle of my training”.