Houston United Tell-Your-Story Project

Occupiers and Occupy Supporters– this is a great opportunity to support immigrants and all of us in our fight against the prison-industrial complex.  You can talk to Marianela if you want to learn how to administer the survey or if you want to take it and share your opinion of policing, community trust and public safety!

Houston, TX– On Friday December 9th, Houston United, along with immigrant’s rights activists, faith leaders, and community members, will unveil its Tell Your Story Houston project. The project is designed to better understand the effects of federal programs that target the immigrant population, specifically 287(g) and “Secure Communities”, and to document any abuses that have resulted from their implementation.
The 287g program deputizes local police officers to enforce civil immigration laws and has siphoned hundreds of thousands of immigrants into the deportation process. Similarly, “Secure Communities” seeks the deportation of undocumented immigrants by using local law enforcement. Nationally, both programs have come under strong scrutiny by community leaders, local and state governments, and congressional leaders for their lack of transparency, accountability, and oversight.
“We want to ensure the voices of those directly targeted and affected by these programs are being heard,” notes Marianela Acuna, one of the organizers of the project, “their stories are essential in promoting immigrant rights.”
Houston United organizers will be teaming up with other community groups to survey individuals regarding the effects of Police/ICE collaboration on civil rights, community trust, and public safety. Through these surveys, Tell Your Story Houston aims to better understand the local impact of these federal immigration programs, and use the results to educate and organize communities to action. Most importantly, the project hopes that immigrants in Houston will be empowered by telling their story.
Houston United organizers will discuss the importance of documenting the effects of these programs and community and faith leaders will remind us of the continuing struggle of immigrant communities in Houston. Individuals will also share their personal experiences living with the 287g and “Secure Communities” programs.
All Houston residents who are part of, or interact with, immigrant communities are invited to participate in this confidential survey. For more information on the Tell Your Story Houston project and other research concerns, please contact Marianela Acuna at (832)713-6352 or Tell.Your.Story.Houston@gmail.com