Meeting Minutes 12/11

FTPH Meeting Minutes- 12/11/2011; 1 pm
Present: Amanda K, Shamus, Vera, Rico, Tre, Erick

1. Review of FTPH mission, purpose, rules, procedures.
2. Address Logistical House Needs

-Really need an alternator for bike powered generators

- Raw materials:

- Amanda W. has access info for freecycle

- Rico will be drafting raw material/ needs list for CraigsList

- Received awesome referral this week from Transition

 Houston to Reuse Warehouse which we can access because

 OH has been endorsed by Houston Peace and Justice; Urban


    -Need to update contact emails on webpage because

email addresses are not set up yet

    – Attendees sign up to get accounts to edit website

- Internet access

    – follow up with individual who initially offered to pay for our wireless


  • some occupiers have been working on building a freedom tower
    • touch base with them, stay posted on their progress and find out what materials they need to finish project
    • in interim, consider paying for month to month internet access
      • Shaun will research various providers, find out which ones are affordable, month-to-month


- Did not hear from contact at Amigo Wind about turning on electricity this week; Amanda will follow up

- Gas needs to be turned on

    – Follow up with Shaun’s Green Irene fundraiser project to pay for


3. Open Discussion
- We need to maintain a constant present at the house, especially during the hours

of operation. (Monday- Sat; 9a-6 p; closed for GA; after hours as requested)

    – Errands should be done with as few people as possible so as to maintain

a strong presence at the house

    – Do a good job of conserving resources
- Be extremely conscientious in using gift cards donated to FTPH for

groceries; maintain clear communication with Tranquility when

purchasing food/ supplies to avoid redundancies

    – Open house/ down times limited to Saturday nights
- Maintain commitment to work/ productivity if you are at house
- finish scraping/ sanding French doors
- Gardening/food/etc—find containers for planting
- Last Organic Outpost volunteer times need planning
- There are still concerns, questions, and misunderstandings about FTPH at

 Main camp

    –  Continue to maintain presence at GA; re explain FTPH purpose, hours

 Operation, updates during report backs


- T.C. stops by because Shamus won the adopt a voice package

    – discuss main concerns Tranquility Park occupiers have raised against


  • miscommunication regarding storage of supplies
    • all supplies removed from camp last week while DC occupiers were not present and camp was virtually empty were taken at the behest of Burke, and from our understanding Ben, on an emergency temporary basis to prevent the removal of supplies by HPD or outside parties. No supplies were taken with the intention of keeping them at FTPH.
  • other occupiers not feeling clued in on hours, procedures; not feeling an “ownership” of project
    • FTPH has maintained a presence at GA and made these things clear via announcements and report backs. Minutes should reflect this. In addition all of the information in question is easily accessible on the workgroup page,, and the facebook group page.
  • T.C. brought with her a contractor whose time she will be donating to the project.
    • Have contractor look at floors in bathroom and kitchen, recommendations for raw materials as follows:
      • 2x8x6 sheet wolmanized wood
      • Sheet of ¾” plywood, 4×8
      • Shower kit
      • Floor leveling compound
      • Heavy door for increased security in utility room
      • Bag of grout
      • Tile (square footage TBA after measurement of bathroom, kitchen)
      • ½” hardy board for kitchen floor (square footage  needed TBA)
      • Day rental of sander to refinish floors in living room, office
      • Metal gate to enclose space directly behind house for additional storage space