Morning GA Minutes 12/23/2011

Morning GA Minutes 12/23/11
Moderator: Jamin
Facilitator: Ben Franklin
Scribe: Jay
Attendance: Began @13, increased by time we reached opinions

Pending Proposals:
Ben- If you are arrested committing non-violent civil-disobedience during an Occupy Houston action or otherwise arrested as part of your being there during that action, Occupy Houston expresses our support for you and we will attempt to bail you out and otherwise get you free to the best of our ability. -passed-

Jenny- Update the needed items list on #OH website to Trae’s list. -passed-

Vas- Asking for support and possible other people to have civil disobedience action regarding the Nativity Scene. -passed-

Mike- #OH stand in solidarity with a family in Pasadena fighting for legal recourse for their sons murder (there are family ties between the DA and murder suspect, which is proving very hard to get legal representation in court), and post the petition on website and facebook page -passed as far as standing in solidarity and possibly posting petition, pending language

Mary – Dec 29th @8pm – Super Happy Fun Land to host a puppet show about the prison system in the south being a form of forced labor. Sedition Books Benefit Puppet Show
Super Happy Funland 3801 Polk Street, Houston TX 77003
Woman in NM wants to interview participants from port action, specifically people who were ‘tented’, for her Podcast.

Ben- Dec 25, Occu-que at Tranquillity Park; Houston Sierra Club, presentation on Occupied environmental actions and goals, past and future, Jan 12; need help with clothes-washing/drying, esp. after rain

Mouse – Albany , NY was evicted and marched with media tent around town. Police stopped them and began smashing tent with people inside it. Military has begun killing protestors in Cairo. Occupy Village in China is still under siege.

Proposals: None

Ben Franklin: Importance of Free Speech & disagreement about each others opinions all falling under Occupy Houston; reminding everyone that we commit civil disobedience in the park constantly, just by being there at night or by expressing ourselves outside the ‘Free Speech Zone’

Dismissed GA to have lunch, thanks to donations from Occupy Pasadena