New Schedule! Join us tonight for Multi-Group Assembly Dec10

We had a very lively GA last night.  Per GA consensus, we will implement a new Meetings Schedule, effective tonight! Here’s the new schedule:

        Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri at 7 pm:  General Assembly
        Tues, Thurs, Sat at 7 pm:       Work Group meetings

Tonight we will hold a special session to include all Work Group’s together.  This will be one big intergroup meeting to enable everyone to discuss some basic logistics, share updates about ongoing WG projects, plans and needs, and possibly do some collective Thinking Outside the Box for Houston Occupy 2.0.

Have questions or suggestions for future Events or Actions? Sign up to join the DIRECT ACTION Work Group tonight! Want to hear more about MOBILE Occupation’s brainstorms? Come on down! Want to help out with #NEEDS of the Occupiers? Come hear what – and WHY – our current needs are! See you at 7!

Forget how to get there?  SeeTranquility Park directions HERE .

SPECIAL BONUS NOTICE:  Tomorrow evening, Dec 11 OH will host the first ever OccupyTexas General Assembly. Come down and help us welcome  (and feed!!) various statewide Occupiers from Austin, Dallas, Ft. Worth,  San Antonio and points west.  And south, heya Galveston & Beaumont folks! Same time, same bat channel.