Occupy Houston Rejects the NDAA

Today is the 220th anniversary of the signing of the Bill of Rights.  In solidarity with Occupations around the country, Occupy Houston will be joining the Houston Free Thinkers and other civil rights activists on Thursday as part of a week-long series of national actions protesting S. 1867, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

We will be marching at 10AM from Tranquility Park to the office of Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison at 1919 Smith Street, Suite 800. At 2:30, we will be marching from the corner of Shepherd Dr. and Memorial Dr. to the office of Senator John Cornyn at 5300 Memorial Dr., Suite 980. We intend to inform Houstonians that Senators Hutchison and Cornyn voted to pass this freedom-destroying bill, and to let the senators know that we hold them accountable for their actions.

Forbes Magazine calls the NDAA “the greatest threat to civil liberties Americans face”.  It includes provisions inimical to our Constitutional rights of habeas corpus and due process.  It includes language via amendment that authorizes torture. Further, the bill funds the latest in America’s unending series of undeclared, for-profit wars.  We reject this and all legislation which abridges our human rights, authorizes illegal wars or promulgates the false belief that America can trade democracy for security.

Occupy Houston demands that President Obama veto S.B. 1867. We demand that the United States cease funding undeclared wars immediately. We further demand that our president, our legislators and our justices take no future action that conflates the duties of the civil police with those of the military or other law enforcement agencies, authorizes torture, allows the detention of prisoners without informing them of their rights or providing them with counsel and access to witnesses, or that in any way denies anyone access to the swift, accurate, humane and fair justice that is our right not as U.S. citizens but as members of the worldwide human community.