Port Action Arrests update 12/14/11

Arrest update: Two more people were freed last night and arrived safely at Tranquility. Occupy Austin is reporting their 8 people are all free and accounted for. O-Houston’s pro bono Legal team has been working on the many details for all the arrestees. Kudo’s to them for their faithful efforts. This arrest incident involved a number of protesters from all over the state and there are both misdemeanor and felony charges involved, so it’s a bit more complicated than usual. We are expecting those remaining, who have misdemeanor charges, to be released this morning. Those who have felony charges each have a lawyer from NLG assigned to work their case.

An emergency GA was held last night to ensure OH funds are approved & available for bonds and other legal-related needs of the occupiers. We applaud all the brave occupiers who stood up, and who laid down, in order to shine a light on the tyranny of the 1% who continue to undermine our democracy on the backs of the 99%.

Our gratitude to them all for taking these risks in the service of justice and equality for all. Solidarity.

If you are so inclined,  please donate funds to OH for the legal fund,  go to our WePay and specify “bail” in a note there.

Thank you.