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December 22, 2011 General Assembly PM

Jonathan- moderator

Mike- Facilitator

Jenny- Scribe/Stacker

Rico- Timer

Work Group Report Back

Capital- Project Houses- Trying to get in contact with Austin and also trying to secure a location on Andrews.  Rockupy Music and Art Fest to be held tomorrow …

General Assembly Minutes 12/25/2011 pm

This General Assembly was started as an open discussion group. It was moderated first by Trae, then by Evan. There were 18+ attendees. When we started, we went around in the circle and everyone had a chance to speak whatever …

Morning GA Minutes 12/23/2011

Morning GA Minutes 12/23/11
Moderator: Jamin
Facilitator: Ben Franklin
Scribe: Jay
Attendance: Began @13, increased by time we reached opinions

Pending Proposals:
Ben– If you are arrested committing non-violent civil-disobedience during an Occupy Houston …

21 Dec AM GA skipped

Just a note so we know that we’re not missing minutes for this GA.

Ongoing Human Rights Banner Action – additional volunteers needed!

If you’re coming to the Russian Consulate at 4pm today, stay and help out with an action to support human rights! We need additional drivers and other helpers to assist in this very visible action.

We have a banner that …

Occupy Houston Nativity Scene

Occupy Houston will be presenting a nativity scene, today at noon, at Tranquility Park.  This will be presented to protest foreclosed homes and also to make a public statement invoking our First Ammendment right to protest. We hope to see …

General Assembly Minutes 12/20/2011 pm

J.J.- Moderator

Jenny- Facilitator/Scribe

Jay- Facilitator/ Timer

Occupy Houston welcomes Randy Kubosh.  Mr. Kubosh spoke on his support for #OH and gave his number for future legal needs.

Work Group Report Back

Covert Ops- Nothing to report back.

Political Action- …

The Reality of #D12, GULFPORT ACTION, and Felony Charges

Now that we’ve hit national news, thanks to MSNBC, I believe it’s worth collating some pieces of reality together for anyone confused about the happenings of GULFPORT ACTION and #D12 here in the mighty H-Town.

The inspiration came from the …