1/03/2012 General Assembly Minutes PM

GA 1 3 12 Minutes
7 35PM
mod: Ben F.
scribe: Vi
Stacker: Miguel

Pending Proposals:
Basic Guidelines for OccupyHouston Work Groups
Jenny- Basic Guidelines for Active Occupy Houston Work Groups
1. To be considered active, all current Work Groups should:
A. Provide a public statement (mission statement) of goals, which does not conflict with the #OH principles of solidarity.
B. Publish contact info onto the #OH website. *working email required
C. Be based in Houston and have, at least, one open group meeting, at or near Tranquility Park, every other week. This meeting is to be listed on the #OH website. Changes to meeting time must be given at least 48 hours public notice, when possible.
D. Publish minutes of, at least, 1 meeting every other week on the #OH website. This meeting must demonstrate at least 2 in attendance. Work group will not be considered defunct until attendance has been less than 2 members for 4 weeks.
2. All new work groups must be announced of formation in the General Assembly.
Note: If, at any point, the GA consensus to alter or change the guidelines, all working groups will be given 30 days before implementation.
Implementation: These guidelines will take effect in 30 days, after passing consensus in the General Assembly.
Consensus Roched, Proposal Passes

Ben- Jan 21st: Create symbolic and potentially non-symbolic tents and place them all over the park. We will specifically ask that people who choose to risk arrest not have warrants or be out on bond, or be prepared to perform classic Thoreau civil disobedience. This is as an example of what we could be doing, and also that tents are better than stuff laying around.
True Consensus Roched, Proposal Passes

Work Group Announcements
Direct Action- JJ
In honor of the late MLK, I will propose tomorrow (Wed.) we shut down Walker St., the same way K Street was shut down in DC. It is going to be a direct action, and people will be arrested. People that are willing to be arrested, please show up tomorrow.

Facilitation- Ben
Proposals are not enforced unless they are in the minutes.
Reiterates GA rules of proposals, process, and times.

Roccupy- Erick
We need volunteers to take clothes to the Beacon to wash. We also need hangers, clothes racks, and washboards. Showers still not to be fixed and we don’t have hot water.
V- We got the media center up.
Capitol- No more than 8 lbs a bag; opens at 6am.

Political Action-
Joe- Across the street we had a protest this morning at the inauguration [of the City Government]. There was a bunch of response outside. There was a significant amount of media presence.
Ben- Extremely positive crowd response.
Joe- I went to an event tonight celebrating the mayors reelection. I had disgusting reactions from the 1percent, except for those who were more open minding and liberal.

Tranq Park Occupiers Work Group-
Jenny- We have an issue. I think it’s a problem when mouse is being left by himself. It’s an issue of personal responsibility to the buddy system. At some point we need to step up and say ‘I need to be here for my people’. I know Mouse is holding it down quite a bit and we need to be holding it down and working together.
Jo- Doesn’t that show that the park is irrelevant to this movement?
Jenny- This is the first movement is history where this is a city to city movement, and people can come and do come from out of town everyday from other Occupies and come to the movement to find like minded people and know that they’ll be taken care of. We are also one of the longest running physical occupations. [Host of other crowd responses disagreeing with Jocelyn not transcribed]

Miguel- Since we’re talking about doing direct actions these are Ben and Remington’s numbers:
Ben- 832 297 8595, 412 223 7279 (use this one if not calling from jail); Rem- 281 323 0535
Clean up at lot across from RoHo is 1/14. Every Wed and 2nd Sat is cemetery clean up.
Venus Project sent info to Jamin for RoHo. Might work on a process for taking on affinity and ally groups.

Ben- Tomorrow is the Russian Consulate protest. 4 to 6 pm, Post Oak Blvd 610 inside the loop.
Hungary passed it’s constitution, which is horrible in many ways…

Jenny- I’m forming a Work Group Work Group.

JJ- 6th will be 3 month anniversary of OccHou. I am resigning as a Peace Keeper. I will stay sympathetic to this movement and will participate in protests, etc., but this is my last week. I love you guys.

Erick- Tomorrow I will be proposing that work group proposals be presented on Wednesday, Fridays, and Sundays.

Pending Proposals
Darin- We affirm our non hierarchical and leaderless philosophy and recognize the General Assembly as the leader of Occupy Houston. The only spokesperson for Occupy Houston is the GA.
True Consensus Roched, Proposal Pending

V- Keep a notebook so that we have physical presence at the park of the proposals that have been passed.
Consensus roched, Proposal Pending, notebook produced

V- Weekday evening GA time changes to 7 pm.
Consensus roched, Proposal Pending

Erick- We obtain by either donation or monetary means some sort of heat source that will be determined upon research for Tranquility Park.
Consensus roched, Proposal Pending

Jonathan- We take inventory of Occupy property to look for any cold weather gear (clothing that keeps us warm, sleeping bags, blankets) we have here right now.
Consensus roched, Proposal Pending

JJ- If you’re going to go in totes, ask permission.
Did not pass

Miguel- Change quorum from 13 to 7.
6 blocks:
Jojo- Will cause a lot of problems
Joe- too radical, can cause proposals to go through too quickly
Erick- many people who may not be here but are occupiers have concerns about too small of numbers representing them.
Mouse- still thinks 13 is too little, so 7 is too little.
Ben- that is way too big a decision to pass without a lot of prior notice.
Darin- We need to be increasing numbers for quorum, not decreasing.

Erick- I love you guys. I’m glad we’re back. There will be more people eventually. I still think property left out in a public space is communal property. I’ve had to learn how to get over that due to having most if not all of my valuable material possessions taken. Because of our obsession with private property, we start to get into a touchy area.

Joe- Do things you’re good at. Seek to understand, don’t seek to be understood. We got a hell of a lot accomplished in the short three months we have existed. We have the 1 percents attention.

Darin- Glad the holidays are over and we’re all back. The movement’s moving along just fine. Tonight’s GA was very productive. I love you guys.

V – We did the best we could with the emergency clean up. I consulted with Mouse about the stuff that left. I also think we should use progressive stack, because it seems a lot of the same people talk first or a lot.

Jenny- If anyone is friends with Chris M., he’s sick so go hit him up on facebook to make him feel better.

Ben calls for consensus to adjourn: Consensus reached.