Community Outreach Minutes – Jan 17 2012

Community Outreach Minutes

I dont have an exact date, but this meeting took place in January, on or shortly before the 18th. [the Meeting was Jan 17 2012, & scribed by Amy Price. EDIT/KR]

Lief was contacted directly by a man facing eviction, will forward to group
Remington is well versed in foreclosure law, can advise others
Evan is a real estate agent with extensive knowledge in real estate law
Marilee attended a squatting workshop
Michael has attended a couple of foreclosure defenses: some folks outside on steps, some holding “vigil”

Possibilities: help persuade banks to renegotiate loans
moving families into houses that are vacant
have online: if you’re facing foreclosure, please contact…
should have disclaimer about our participation to give to participants
Remington offered to contact an expert he knows
Suggestion that we focus on stalling foreclosures rather than re-occupying
Suggestion that we get on national conference calls re this subject or .org for ideas
Interrupting home auctions for press coverage
Occupying homes take 10+ bodies: sleep inside and outside, sometimes to CD for press value, sometimes to thwart particular actions (move in somebody right after they get thrown out)
BoA has established a phone line for people resisting foreclosures. One tactic is to pretend to be media and claim that there are people occupying homes. 800-796-8448. Use names OF boa EMPLOYEES..
Remington in contact with good jobs for cooperation.
Leif will forward email from foreclosed individual
Evan will forward email re bank hotline
Need to network in the community
Can do lock clipping (Capitalism, Not a Love Story)
Austin will give us contact info for some folks at Occupy Minneapolis who are being really successful at this
Can set up dummy accts for paying bills
Chris will talk to OM folks, report back
Occupy Atlanta is 24-7 occupying forclosed homes but not their original park
Craigslist ad to look for foreclosure victims
Idea for mobile occupy: occupy a different park once per month during the day. Also churches, maybe use tent as symbol, other conversation starter like gas mask or something else, outreaching at service works
Next meeting we will set a strategy, need strategy in place before contacting potential clients
Will send all info to Outreach, Mobile-Occupy, and Leif
Next meeting: 5:30 this Sat, covered part of City Hall Annex