evening GA 07 Jan 2012

GA Minutes 1/07/2012 PM

Moderator: Miguel
Facilitators: Jenny, Scott
Scribe: Ben Franklin
Stack C/O: Shere
Timekeeper: Jonathon

Introduction: Begin w/call to consensus to start GA; All GA tonight will be under People’s Mic
Review of hand-signals for benefit of new faces

WorkGroup ReportBacks:

Outreach Evan: Rather than one giant umbrella called Outreach, replaced with these targeted groups
Speech Forum
Art Production

-Jamin- Visited Super Happy Funland, space for fundraising, showers, classes, all for free as OccupyHouston 3801 Polk St, access requires phone call/arranging 713)880-2100 ask for Brian or Olivia

Occupy the Courts (Amy Price): People’s Mic off
FRIDAY Panel UH, 7:30PM Jan 20th Burque Moore Legal Personhood History
Arthur Shaw Houston activist, got UH & CoH to divest from South Africa
Chris Bell, former City Councilman
Sat: Big Family Friendly Fest, 99% for everyone
11am people arrive, couldn’t get food trucks in, asks for Food volunteer [Jamin] to feed people
Noon: 1st round of play about death of Democracy, slain by Corp corruption
2nd line Jazz funeral down Smith st
Occupiers meet & greet, volunteers for kid friendly activities
Readings, Facepainting, Bellydancing if possible, Drum circle if possible, Houston Storytelling Guild if possible, Sack races?, Arts table, other things that promote choice/free will for kids
No feedback from Maria Hague(sp?) Nick Cooper helping arrange musicians
Need Preacher, Sister of Demcracy, Democracy, Plants in the Crowd; interested in casting, please contact Amy Price
Will need donations to make suggestions happen, what process?
Alice volunteers to help with Art Table, roll of paper volunteered; Jocelyn & Alice volunteer to help w/books; Nixxing idea of sidewalk chalk due to legal concerns; Flyers ready to distribute Tuesday

Community Outreach Thursday 7pm meeting Staghead Pub
5pm Sunday Staghead Community Org workshop
Blackhole Coffee, meeting with OCHouston, OCGalveston, MoveOn, MovetoAmend

Media: Mission statement will under google doc with large viewing group, people can email suggestions to insure we don’t grab too much. Document hasn’t been created yet, URL will be posted on Website & added minutes within 24hours. Will be set-up to not require Google sign-up WebRequest@OccupyHouston.org, Mouse’s edress [require insert]

CORRECTION: Web/Media teamWG primary email addy is:  webrequests@occupyhouston.org  [KR]

EDIT{KR}:  The second point of contact for Media/Web WG, monitored by mouse, is ohtranquilitypark@gmail.com

Freedman Town Project Workgroup (Jamin):
Includes both Freedman Houses, 1401 Andrew lot camping will continue rest of January
Workgroup meeting 1 hour after GA @Freedman Qs about if “Hooker & Stat Rape have also moved?” “No Hooker, Stat Rape took place before Roccupy House started”
Q about Freedman background, founded by the freeman, land stolen by city
Mission statement will be finalised tonight at workgroup meeting

Facilitation -Scott-
Didn’t meet today, last meeting defined to compile all proposals that affect GA, present collected data
Sunday meeting @4:30pm
Research -Scott- Closer to having workgroup, online discussion page, email me scottrgregory@gmail.com Reddit discussion group

Political Action -Joe-
5 goals
1: communicate public comment events before elected bodies (City, County, surrounding cities)
2: Inform about local political group events (Dem, Green, GOP, etc.)
3: Voter Registration
4: Assist in Voting
5: Issue inform
City of Houston & Harris County public comments & their agendas are online, can find them w/Google

Covert Ops -Jonathon-
We are urban exploration w/view to freecycle, street art, lesser hardcore, free-runner l’art du placemant
Does this include direct action/civil disobedience? More Direct Action, willing to work with them as ReConn. Will define Urban Explore offline

Direct Action -Miguel-
Antiwar action/protest in honour of Dr King

Workgroup Proposals: None

Jamin- 1/14/12 11AM Ruthven &Wilson in 4th Ward clean-up event at de facto landfill, anyone who wants to be involved, just show up
tomorrow for 11-2pm cemetery clean-up 4th Ward
Next Wednesday Connect the Dots @330pm on KPFT, interested in being on see Jamin
Monday @11am meeting w/HPD at 1201 Travis, see Justin or Dustin to make sure diverse group attends

Scott- I will be unable to take people to Last Organic Outpost Sunday (tomorrow), hopes someone will volunteer in his place. Alice can pick up a few people right before 1pm @Park

Pending Proposals:

Erick- That OH draft a comprehensive proposal program to work with Freedman Town
POI: Intended as statement of Solidarity w/Occupy Freedman’s Town
Tabled due to specifics changing

Erick- That people & items be removed from 1405 Andrews (Roccuhouse) & OH disband from Roccuhouse, people move OH Gear/Items back to Park between Sunday 11am-3pm
Consensus Reached


Trae- Love You Guys
Mary- forgot
Jenny- Glad so many people showed up, lots of work ahead of us, requires participation
Shere- We did our workgroups today, looked like a success, importance of the physical occupation & our workgroups
Miguel- Glad to see new faces today, want to remind people of mission statement & finding solutions for our communities
Deb- Food will be brought to you, no need to crowd food table had donated veggie lasagna & vegan couscous
Scott- We need to keep recycling sorted, had report of terrible job from Mike of Greens Recycling
Mouse- Tonight’s media success was relative success, one problem no People’s Mic and hence lots of random convo, we had external visitors & telepresent OHTX member in the livestream ChatRoom