evening GA 19 Jan 2012 Minutes

Tentative Minutes
** note: these are not proofread or corrected yet **

GA minutes 19 Jan 2012

Workgroup report backs

Joe – public comment 9:30 yesterday. Ray Hill spoke, had a lot of interaction. topic: police bullying. Remmington Ellesse spoke, and mayor left for the 3rd time in a row that remmington spoke. mr. cook spoke about budget. joe spoke about spanish company getting contract that violates the buy american act. mayor is in DC at conference sponsored by 1%. don’t forget the commissioners court. go speak. Trey: how to find agenda? Joe: google “harris county commissioners court agenda”

Amy – outreach: occupy the courts. 3 breakout groups for fridays. on sat, jamming doing food. alice doing kids stuff.

johnathon: logistics – freedmans town separated out into their own occupy.

delbert – POC – organizing with churches in freedmans town. met with 4 churches. mt. horror, mt carmel, st james, macedona. the purpose is for them to work more cohesively with freedmans town project and OH. I’ll be attending church and meeting with the pastors. 10AM sunday. anyone is welcome to go.



delbert – yesterday court case. person aquitted of a jaywalking charge. second trial. judge wanted to make sure he was locked away for jaywalking. a few of us showed up at the trial and we left an impression with the judge and court. threatened with contempt of court. guy was aquitted, because the police had lied about the charges. tomorrow there will be a press conference about the injustice in the district attorneys office. 8315 live oak, 11AM. anyone from occupy is encouraged to come and speak.

amy: reported contacted her about occupy and churches. can I give you as a point of contact? delbert: sure. BFSCR refered her to webpage

Trey – myself and anthony talked about starting higher education outreach group. discussed having an open forum where college students (and anyone, but mostly college students) to come and share what they think, specially about college. has not yet solicited or announced anything before now. would like help making a flyer.

also, Trey needs a ride to the panel discussion friday

Nick – I was over at reoccupy house and their outside activities are shutting down so they may be coming back to the park

Joe – 1401 andrews was sighted by the city of houston (yellow tagged) last week and was told that they have till the 25th of Jan to rectify the situation
what’s a yellow tag?
you are in danger of getting a fine for some sort of illegal activity. it was a code issue. they said it was an illegal campsite. … there’s no such thing as an illegal campsite in houston. going to speak out against it in city council.

amy – lisa pithian will be coming into town on 4th of febuary. runs website organizing for power. works with occupy wall street. she’ll put on an all day workshop. still in the works, no topic list yet.

– low turnout at the consulate due to kelsie sick and ben going directly from work. gave out 6 occupy newspapers, got into an argument with a worker at the consulate, and the same old guy in a red truck flipping him off 3 weeks in a row.
– Bren and susan will do another non-violent communication center workshop. please get with ben after GA if you’re interested.


Amy: started an online petition to ask city council to pass a resolution to end the ideas of corp personhood and money is speech.
Q (Trey): who created it?
A (Amy): I did. go to change.org and anyone can do it. there is a nationwide movement doing this. change.org themselves might promote it.
Johnathan: can you tell us about change.org?
Amy: not really.

Tyler: Make the block a commitment. if you block, and it passes anyway, you leave. they’re votes are no longer counted.
Ben POI: would you consider it good enough to go through and publicize people who have blocked in the past
No, not retroactive. wants to clear up the problem / tyranny of one person.
clarify: can you say when this has happened?
tyler: well, I don’t want to punish new people.
john: we now need a chain. so it’s not a tyranny of one, it’s a tyranny of two
ben: shot down the proposal for the vetting.
nick: we need to not have folks leave.
call for more time failed.

PoP Ben: we have pending propsals

John: passed one GA. is a loosening of proposal rules. workgroups can do proposals any day of the week. Lift the 2 day constraint.
passed second

I propose that individual proposals have no more constraints put on them (like the two consecutive GAs). because we don’t have daily GAs anymore. the last quorum we had was more than 48 hours ago.
Trey: opposed wording. said he would prefer that it be stated that the previous restrictions were being lifted. John accepted rewording.
Amy: if we had fewer of them, would we get more attendance?
Ben: wanted to say that there was a chain block previously, even though those folks weren’t here.
John: unless it’s an immediate proposal, we have a 24 hour waiting period.

Restate: Decide to officially form a physical occupation vigil group comprised of committed members to participate in & affirm the symbolic importance of maintaining the physical occupation
Proposal Passes, Pending next GA Passed.

Capitol- Livestream be used to allow people online to participate in GA
PoI: 30 second delay on livestream will affect calling for consensus
Proposal Passes, Pending next GA
Friendly amendment Amy: allow those who can’t participate by livestream to send proxies
Benjamin blocked: I need details of a proxy system detailed before allowing it.
not withdrawn.
block upheld on amendment.
original proposal passes

Jamin: we require our official livestreamer to participate in GA. discussion about what official livestream was, if we need a team and/or how to do it. jamin just really wants the person doing the livestream to participate. john was saying that it wasn’t a single person, it was the web team that was responsible for web team.
amended: Per livestream proposal, we request that web have someone who’s livestreaming also be actively participating in the GA and have the person livestreaming and the virtual participants noted in the minutes. PASSES

John: I propose that anyone can livestream. however, those non-sanctioned livestreamers not be able to take consensus votes from those livestreams. PASSED


Trey: it’s good to have ian back. thank you to the peacekeepers. there was something a few nights ago that got ppl upset – if you don’t know, don’t ask. ask for tmp check for org a meeting kinda like what jenny did but to just all get together and talk about workgroups, what ones we have, and allow folks to have enough time to have time to be here.

discussion about frequency of GAs and attendance.

Joe: to finish the info on the yellow tag. research shows no actual code exists. talks of what to do about it.
Trey wants to send them a bill for the cost of having ticketed us.
SOPA+PIPA: mike honda (US congressman) blacked his website. he comes to houston often, and spent his childhood in an internment camp
in San Diego, CA: mayor gave state of city address and got mic checked. he’s trying to get those guys charged with federal conspiracy charges. explanation of conspiracy charges.

Nick: been coming here more than 90 days now. ga was every day, and you could count on it. I’ve tried to get ppl to tell me when it’s happening, and it was hard. it’s important to have it every day so we can get together today at 7PM. changing the schedule caused it go downhill.

John: served an eviction notice to city hall and/or tranquility park

Amy: there’s no way to know why GA’s are so poorly attended. but we could be doing more – like actions twice a week.

Mike (Troll): lets do this every day. all wear white. the left, all wear black. sit by color. have the kids talk to us. I miss my daughter.

Ben: spoke on a GA schedules and consensus and how we’ve not really had it and how this has helped reveal rifts that were existing. asked the reach team to go back through and find when ppl actually showed up. 90% supermajority is not the same type of thing as consensus -x. got more time. liked trey’s idea. amy: give lead time. ben: agrees. need to do more education about consensus; it’s not voting with silly rules. john: what’s schedule? current schedule: 7PM every night, 11AM every day. nick: occupation is every day, GA should be too

Joe: occupying a foreclosed home. I’m gonna do it and report back on it. gonna be a little non-transparent about it the first few weeks to avoid “party at joes house”. normally a house gets neglected after a foreclosure for a little over a year. if you’re occupying a house and pay off neglected property houses, you have a really good shot at getting the deed. once you’ve occupied for a while, it’s much harder to get evicted, takes 90ish days and cost money.

moderator note: I missed GAs and yawl.

Maria: needs to talk to someone who will be here tmw at 2PM who has a cell phone. wants to use it to find out if there’s gonna be a courthouse protest or not.