GA 1/17/2012 PM Minutes

GA 1/17/2012 PM Minutes:
Moderator: Carl
Scribe: Ben Franklin
Stacker: Remington
Facilitator: Chris M
Attendance: ~20

7:23pm Carl begins introduction

Workgroup Reportbacks:
Jamin -Freedman’s Town Project: Recap of joining the 2 houses, started restoration project clean-up Saturday, working on getting Transition Houston to assist with Guerilla Gardening; any questions refer to Captol, Gene, or Jamin

Jenny -Media/Web: 2 PoCs now live, send things here
request pics from MLK parade for posting online
calendar now update
Potential SOPA blackout

Jenny- Workgroup Workgroup needs follow-up for PoC, mission statements, etc of current workgroups

Direct Action (Steve) January 24th, Tuesday targeting corp tax dodgers 1:30pm, in front of city hall reflection pool

Ben F- Ongoing Russian Consulate Protest tomorrow, Wednesday 4-6pm Post Oak Blvd @ 610

Jamin- In an effort to maintain our presence in Freedman’s Town, will be meeting Thursday @6pm to discuss how OHTX can best mingle w/4th ward
book reading in the park Saturday, Best Money Can’t Buy (from Venus Project)

Remington- tomorrow @9:30am @special session at City Hall re:police bullying, not too late to sign-up to speak, but please attend. ID will be required to enter.

Alice- seeking nomination to run for Congress in District 29, will need support to run against incumbent Rep Gene Green [against Net Neutrality, for Keystone XL]

Capitol- We have a livestream for events happening @1401 Andrews “Roccupy House”

Remington- Friday night went to Black Heritage Society Gala, Rep Sheila Jackson-Lee gave speech about her support for OHTX, etc. but in 2005 she cut a deal with Tom Delay to divide up Freedman’s Town and she voted for the NDAA. Her two-facedness makes her worse than actual stated enemies, so we should Mic Check her. On topic of bullying police, Remington is running for Sheriff, and he would be in charge of the largest County police force in the nation, work to prevent waste on War on Drugs.

Amy Price- Valentine’s Day makes her think of people getting screwed, wants to get group together to do a barbershop quartet on the BoA around town of “Please Release Me” for foreclosure protest

Jonathon- Fight Club marshmallow debate, crowd would have marshmallows to judge speakers via consensus. 3 min statements, then 2 minute responses, then 1 minute closing. Ideally, debate would be between Tea Party grassroots & Green Party members.No settled topics at this time.

Ben: Talked about w/ logistics & Former tranquility park occupiers group; personal proposal, since it’s tuesday proposing that group form, possibly as separate workgroup, that explicitly uses a holding vigil model for occupying in tranquility park. How occupy oakland runs its vigil. Could be part of logistics. Could be adjunct of newly rearranged outreach group, since this park is a place to meet and greet (potential canvassing spot too)

Proposal: form an official vigil group/officially endorse having such a group that would then have schedules that members who choose to participate would agree on for scheduling. Am personally willing to buy supplies and am willing to donate large umbrella, chair, a hot pot, and such. (Holding a vigil: maintaining a space)

-To divert logistics issues out of general GA
-Need to multitask as a movement and maintain a physical occupation
-Done as a proposal to get feedback within the group
-Hopefully will lead to more people coming to actual physical occupation
-Provides potential infrastructure on differing levels of accountability

Ben Franklin Restate: Decide to officially form a physical occupation vigil group comprised of committed members to participate in & affirm the symbolic importance of maintaining the physical occupation
Proposal Passes, Pending next GA

Jenny: Reaffirm statement of the already approved but minutes lost

Internal Solidarity Statement:
This is a living document. As the Occupy Houston community,
we have the right and responsibility to edit this document on an ongoing basis.
We welcome feedback and new ideas.
We are the 99%, and our task is to unify the 99%. We are a society in which
many are diligently seeking to resolve issues of various forms of oppression.
As the Occupy Houston community, we will consciously and urgently work on
dismantling these systems of oppression even within our movement. We are
working on creating a community where everyone’s rights are respected,
protected, and treated equally. We all have different levels of privilege that
we strive to acknowledge and educate ourselves about in order to ensure that
these privileges are not used to oppress others. 
We want to have an inclusive atmosphere of ideas in which we
do not police each other’s thoughts and one in which we reason together without
intimidating words or actions. If a conflict arises it should, if possible, be
settled through democratic discussion or debate; otherwise, it should be
settled with the help of a Conflict Resolution Team, a Support Team, or both,
if necessary.
We are dedicated to reasoning about and resolving issues in our community including:
Discrimination based on Age, on Class, on Culture, on Disability,
on Experiences with the Justice System, on Gender, on Hetero-Normativity, on
Homo-Phobia, on Immigration Status, on Race, on Religious or Non-religious Intolerance, on Trans-Phobia, and Discrimination based on Weight. 

Reaffirmed by True Consensus

Jenny: SOPA Blackout for #OHTX internet presence tomorrow
Proposal Passes

Capitol- Livestream be used to allow people online to participate in GA
PoI: 30 second delay on livestream will affect calling for consensus
Proposal Passes, Pending next GA

Capitol- (on behalf of Amy Price) change blocks from Consensus -2 to 75% Majority
Block #1 Ben F: Completely removes us from Consensus & this proposals is far more radical then multiple other attempts, all of which failed, some of with members here were present for.
Block #2 Mouse: Amy defies the process & wants to change it
Block #3 Shere: 2nd both Ben & Mouse
Block #4 Earl: This is a consensus based movement, not one based off majority opinion
Response to blocks: (Neil A) numbers dwindled due to inefficiency of movement & process inefficiency, e.g., late posting for the MLK jr March
Proposal Tabled, multiple blocks
Jenny gives PoI about how GA/consensus weren’t responsible for MLK parade posting not going live

Jonathon: I propose that we lift some of the restrictions to proposals:
*Remove individual proposals needing approval of 2 consecutive GAs
Block #1 Shere- defends continuity of GA morning & evening, Block 2nd: by Carlos V
Proposal Tabled

Jonathon: Workgroups are allowed to make proposals every GA (am or pm)
Proposal Passes, Pending next GA

Not scribed, I was sick