GA Minutes 1/21/2012 PM

GA Started 5:40pm
Moderator: Jenny
Scribe: Patrick S. Miller
Facilitators: Ben Franklin

Workgroup Report back:

Internet [Ben Franklin]: changed the name from media workgroup to internet workgroup
working on the facebook Admin procedures, closing discussion & finalizing Mission Statement by Feb 5th, is the primary point of contact for the Internet workgroup, all workgroups should send webrequests here (including minutes).

Freedmans Town [Jamin] finishing up restoration project (lot clean-up) corner of ruthven and wilson at 11. sunday the 22nd (tomorrow)

Jamin– Monday 11 am book reading at park “the best that money cant buy” discussing feasible ideas to replace current broken system; meeting with the Real School, Houston federation of teachers sat. feb 11th @ 4

Workgroup proposals:

Internet [Ben Franklin] That livestream (and other internet participation) in GA be suspended until technical difficulties can be resolved.
(e.g.: Hard to hear what’s happening in the GA and lag affects voting on proposals. Who can participate? How do we verify? Also battery power was an issue.)
Proposal Passes

Internet [Ben Franklin] That every internet account that has “OccupyHouston” in the name/officially is an OccupyHouston account have 3 active OccupyHouston members who currently reside in the Greater Houston metropolitan area with the password/login access.
(Note, these members do not need to be part of the Internet Workgroup, but we’d like to have their contact info in case of accident or emergency.)
Proposal Passes

Internet [Ben Franklin] Withdrawl 3rd proposal, and instead announce that as the webpage currently lacks 3 active qualifying members, that Mary Dreamingkat (part of the Internet workgroup) will become the 3rd such individual.

Alice M– I’m told that if you go to the tv stations, you can require they give you the info about which PACs are paying for what airtime. We need to get a crew to test this idea out. (Suggested that Alice talk to joe roach of Political Action or Scott Gregory of Research)
Proposal withdrawn

Jamim– I propose occupyhouston puts its name behind the education meeting here at the park.
Proposal Passes pending 24 hour waiting period.–

Anthony: an honor to march with you… we are all here and I see more and it is good to see brothers and sisters working together to march… I am trying to get more people in the movement.

Ben– how groups work. Worked from boy scouts to global issues discussion groups… people tend to get burned out especially in volunteer groups… stay focused on core issues and figure out what things to do. And how to keep it in your life afterwards…
2 instructors are coming down to teach non-violent speaking skills. And to help with conflicts between participants. I will ask them what days & locations that can do over the next few weeks, and report back so we can decide what best fits our needs

David– this is my 33rd day down here. We need peace keepers: large male and female. There have been incidents here.

Argument over the police between several members…

Ian– i’m actually quite amazed at the accomplishment that o.h. Has occupied the park for 100 days. But we should move since we have moved away from the goal.

stressing the importance of participation to keep it alive. But have a better attitude toward those who haven’t been here.

ben doesn’t think we should move that we could rotate around the park.

David: Smokers pick up your butts. Or if you want to help, pick up trash.

Consensus to Adjourn GA