General Assembly 1/29/12

Jenny- moderator

Craig- facilitator, timer

Nick- facilitator, stacker

Alice- stacker

Maria- scribe

[There was a national conference held here in town by Healthcare NOW.  We had around 25 people from that conference come to our GA.  Several were also from Occupy of their respective city.]

Work Group Report Backs

Web –Mouse- Oakland has an Action, went to 2 closed buildings YMCS & Convention Center, couldn’t get in.  Then went to City Hall where 2 people got in.  But people were kettled and 300 people got arrested.

Logistics – Jen-

Food WG:  Don’t have food prep ability.  Therefore need meals & snacks –hot or cold- to be brought in already prepared. Working on a calendar so that people can sign up for bringing out prepared meals. Needed Items list updated recently.

Peacekeeping WG:  need volunteers for 2 shifts:  11pm – 2am & 2am – 6am.  Contact Jenny to sign up for any volunteer &/or food.

Working on resources for homeless outreach.


Margaret – here on Healthcare conference, also from Occupy DC invites us to join ODC Actions: March 30,2012 –  start gathering. April 6 thru 20, 2012 – Two weeks of direct action. April 7 thru 14, 2012 – Social Forums, Education Workshops. May 1, 2012 –  National Work Stoppage Day on  May Day, International Worker’s Day. Looking for other Occupys to sign up for solidarity.

See their website  Register with InterOccupy  if you want to join them in organizing events in DC.

Forums cover ‘what works’- Skills to learn to organize. Second half of April Congress returns to DC & ODC wants to ‘welcome’ them. After May 1st they will leave to Chicago for the G8 Actions there.

Sandy – distributes Revolution Newspaper. Movement is people standing up to change discourse in society & standing up to injustice.  She read statement and asked for people to sign.

See statement “A Call for Mass Action Against the Suppression of the Occupy Movement” at  To sign it you have to email the address at the bottom of doc. and give them your name and group with whom you are associated: Ocupy Houston or other group or none.

Question of an action to show support for Oakland.  See Alicia to sign up for this

Jenny- Contact Jenny if you want to volunteer for a 2 hour time slot for ‘having a presence at park’ either at lunch time or after work.



Alice proposes statement that OH stands in solidarity with NOW DC in Occupy Power by going in April to DC.  See for minutes of ODC.

Request for more info before passing proposal.


Following people are here on Healthcare for All National Conference, and are also from other Occupy groups

They would like to raise issue of healthcare as an Occupy issue, encourage OH to work on this ourselves as well as create cooperation with them in their respective Occupy cities to work together.

Brad – from Occupy New Orleans wants to thank OH for hosting

Lisa – from Occupy L.A.  She does conferences on Healthcare

Katie & Laurie from OWS   Raise issue of healthcare for the 99% & need for Occupy to work on this issue for all regardless of employment or marital status.

Kay – from Occupy Philadelphia also wants to raise issue of Occupy to bring attention to this issue and work on it.

*All of them want to encourage OH to work with them on healthcare issue.

Shere – Thanks to all who distributed OH Newspaper. Downtown Houston is waiting for everyone to go to work Monday morning and read all about #OH.

Alice –  idea for action for those home free.  Protest by having people inhabit tents in park.  This protests “No Structures” rule in Park  Need a lot of tents, perhaps 40, and people to inhabit tents. Alice mentions that you could be arrested, but we have Lawyers Guild for help. Jen points out that you can comply with police order to take it down & not be arrested. And that Ben Franklin has also raised issue of a tent action.

Courtney- presented talk on Healthcare Conference: It consisted of 135 people from 25 states and 52 organizations. Wants to do action against Health Insurance & Health for profit agencies. See for more info on organization and issues brought up at conference.  And for info on meetings here in Houston 2nd Thu 6-7:30pm St Pauls Methodist Church see website for all details.

Michael – did research on porta-potties to see if we could get one or more at Park.  He thinks easiest is to go to City Council mtg & ask for them. (Porta-potties in back of City Hall Annex have been removed.) If have to pay for them they cost$85/month and company would cllean them once a week.  Problem is that they would have to be available to everyone & that would increase the number and need for maintenance & cleaning.  We would need to buy disinfectant for seat use & tp. Suggestion was made that they could be locked and only used by OH. Jen says Logistics needs to work with Finance on this.

Consensus to adjourn