General Assembly Minutes 1/10/12 PM

This meeting was in Open Discussion format. We had an attendance of about 20 people, in and out, throughout the meeting time. Since there were no Work Group Report Backs or proposals to be made, we decided on Open Discussion to talk about event planning.

We spoke of upcoming events for the MLK Day Parade. various offers by other groups to march with them. Plans on helping build floats. Miguel is working on a re-enactment of either a march or of speeches by Dr. King.

We also started brainstorming ideas for an Anti-War for Profit March. Tentatively deciding on Feb 14th as the day of action. More details to come.

We had several new faces join the discussion. There was a man who is now going to look into getting copies of the Herman Will so we can find the details of what the land was originally planned to be used for.

Theresa came into the discussion later, after dropping off supplies (tarps and food), and brought some great info on the International Fest and Argentina. Jenny volunteered to get ahold of friends in Argentina and try to start communications between protesters in Argentina, organizers of I-Fest, and Occupy Houston.

Remington is going to be coordinating an event, with Jacob, and will get back to us with details. Remington also filled us in on details about his Sheriff campaign. He also informed us that he is counting on Occupiers to let him know if he is getting off track.

Discussions also came up about getting together a mock Marshmallow War with the Tea Party to open up lines of communication between the groups.