Logistics Meeting 1/26/12

About 15 in attendance

Points of Contact- recorded

Mission statement- still working on

WePay- Brought up idea of starting a new WePay if the other one cannot be accessible. Everyone agrees to this. Later in the evening, Finance was able to meet and discuss this issue. Resolved.

Schedule for shifts at Tranquility- Everyone wrote down availablility. Should be ready by next meeting.

Getting Tranquility back in order- discussed thoroughly. It is understood that Tranquility represents the physical aspect of #OH and we need to take pride and personal responsibility to keep it in order. Still need to discuss more solutions.

Food schedule- Mary has been working on making a spreadsheet where people can go and volunteer different times to bring prepared food. This is a great way to help the public be able to organize and know when there is a need. Also to help occupiers know when we need to be available for serving times.

Peacekeeping- We need more volunteers and training discussions for the Peacekeeping WG. Discussion over how other occupations are resolving their issues.

Call for donations- discussed, deciding that we are not prepared to handle a full operating kitchen. We ask that donations of unprepared food are not brought out. Snack items (ex. fresh fruit, trail mixes) and already made food is the only thing we can really take at this point. There is not enough electrical power or volunteers to prepare meals at the park. Also decided and admitted that reusable dishes are not the way to go right now b/c we have no way to take care of them.

It was decided that we need to rebuild, but start small. Baby steps. Waterproof, Lockable totes/tool boxes are an immediate need. We would like to have one for medical, one for info table, and 2 for the food station. One to hold snacks and food items, the other for plates, silverware, and paper goods.

There was talk of assigning each person their own dishes and making them be responsible for them by a numbering system. Could not be decided on.

Talk of getting a welcome packet for new occupiers.

Discussion of why the physical occupation is important to each of us.

We will have another Logistics meeting Sunday at 4:00 pm.