Logistics Meeting 1/29/12

Newcomer welcome and Logistics description

Discussion of prioritizing the subgroups of logistics, what we need to work on first, deciding that food wg then peacekeeping need to be first priorities.

Still need update on volunteer calendar. Discussion about getting a list of volunteers who would be willing to take home donated items to prepare meals. In the meantime keeping focus on asking for pre-prepared dishes and snacks. Also, rebuilding our supply of info sheets to local food outlets and resources already present within the community (ex. Food Not Bombs and A Thousand Hills).

We need resource packets to give to newcomers. Chris will work on getting these.

Questions about Media and how to get involved.

Peacekeeping schedule discussed. We need volunteers. We decided to split it into shifts. The most important hours being between 11pm-6am. Shifts are from 11pm-2am & 2am-6am. Once we find the shifts to be covered, we’d like to hold a Peacekeeping Teach-in to train the new individuals stepping up for this role. If you’d like to volunteer, contact Jenny.

Next Logistic Meeting- Wed 6pm