MEDIA/WEB WG Meeting Minutes 01.21.12

MEDIA/WEB WG Meeting Minutes  01.21.12

No livestream due to overcast weather

Facilitator: BenjaminF

Scribe: Karen

In attendance: DianeS, KarenR, mouse, BenjaminF, Mary, LindaK, (visitorfromOccupyEarth)


Karen: Of the eleven invites sent out by Kevin from the Jan 7 Day, very few have accepted/joined the Web Google Group. Welcome Linda, an exception, thank you for coming today.


Name Change to Internet Work Group

From Media/Web to Internet.  AGREED

WG Mission/Charter draft is in progress and available to view/edit at link. It’s a start but could use a little more work to include “Scope” and links. Please review, add and/ or comment. Final is due Feb 7.

Virtual participation via livestream in GA’s, new rule from 01.19 GA:

“Capitol- Livestream be used to allow people online to participate in GA
PoI: 30 second delay on livestream will affect calling for consensus
Proposal Passes, Pending next GA
original proposal passes”

Karen: has serious concerns with this concept of Chat Room “voting” capabilities. Yes, we want to be more inclusive of our virtual occupiers, (she is one), however, there are numerous flaws in this unless it’s further explored and developed better. There needs to be criteria in place on how to “qualify” any given Chatter as an active OH Occupier. Also technical questions, sometimes its really hard to hear.

Mouse: the hard to hear issue can be lessened if GA people will use MicCheck and we may also be able to purchase a Mic. Mouse will research Mics and costs. Mouse will also need reliable battery-life, hardware.

Benjamin: As a Member of Facilitation, Ben will ask that FAC WG consider reviewing this as well, as it has a radical impact on standard procedures in place such as Quorum and so on.

Karen: volunteers to look into other Occupies who may be already doing something like this for models & ideas.  See Occupy Boston: email occupybostonmedia [at] gmail [dot] com.

Linda: offers to help research that as well.

Work Group Proposals for GA

Benjamin will make an Internet WG Proposal stating that we propose that this decision allowing livestream (Chat Roomers) to participate in Ga’s be suspended pending the development of criteria, means, tools and related technical issues.  AGREED.

Mary: Discussed need have do a WG Proposal stating that every internet account that has “OccupyHouston” in the name/officially is an OccupyHouston account have 3 active OccupyHouston members who currently reside in the Greater Houston metropolitan area with the password/login access. AGREED.

Official Policy regarding posting promotions of non-OH events and activites to Calendar and FB Wall?

Diane: Methods to verify that Events OH wants to help promote are OH approved?

* event was approved in GA proposal/Minutes

* submitted by a WG Magnet or active known Occupier to webreq’s mail

* ?

Discussion on posting non-event type items as well, such as News links, etc. We should do more of that.  Ben: try to make the tone be neutral… “for your information” rather than “Way to go!” (exceptions for Stop SOPA, that’s gets the Way to go! lol, also any other Occupy specific big news, be it national, global, or local)

Diane: Calendar access continues to be an issue. Will ask Kevin again for help with this and then draft a mini-tutorial (google doc) for other/future Cal Admins.

FB Admin news

Karen: Several things going on in FB Adminland. Working on finalizing OH FB Admin Guidelines.  Once final and agreed, we can publish to the website & FB  –  transparent. People need to understand the role of FB Admin, it’s a responsibility & service to all of Occupy not just a way to post about your own pet issues or activities.  Also, there are several FB Admins who are no longer active, we need to contact them and let them know we will be removing them so they have an opportunity to let us know if they want to stay, and why. (Already did this with Gessner Soto, done.)

Web Functionality Issues

Numerous items: Livestream links, Newspaper sidebar-button, New Section for WorkGroup Minutes, etc.

Note: WG Minutes will file under General Assembly/Minutes Section until we can get a New WG Minutes Section set up (or the OH WG’s wiki is up and running) AGREED

Mary: has determined that most of the needed format changes cannot be done without ftp level admin due to WordPressTheme set up.  If she can get ftp access from Kevin or Cassie, Mary is willing to work on fixing these items and more on the website.


NEXT MEETING:  Due to several schedule conflicts, decided to schedule next meeting as an online focus session in the web google group over 48 hours period Feb 4 – Feb 5. Primary focus to be finalizing Charter and other details for Feb 7 WG Guideline deadline.