Panel Discussion: Corporate Personhood v. Your Personhood: Who Has More Rights?

On Friday evening, January 20, join us for “Corporate Personhood vs. Your Personhood: Who Has More Rights?”  This panel discussion commemorates the 2nd anniversary of Citizens United v. FEC, the latest in over a century of Supreme Court decisions establishing the doctrines that corporations are people and money is speech. Panelists include politician Chris Bell, lifelong activist Arthur Shaw, and legal scholar Leslie Griffin.

  • Friday, January 20, 2012  from 7:30PM til 10:00PM
  • CORRECT LOCATION: [kr 01.12.12 8pm]
  • University of Houston, main campus, SEC building room 102, Come early to park. Head toward UH on Cullen, visit the information booth near entrance 16 for a parking permit ($3), and they’ll direct you to stadium parking across from entrance 14 and the SEC building.
  • 5200 Fannin St., Houston, TX 77004


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