Webteam/Media WG Minutes Re-Focus Day Jan 7 2012

Webteam / Media WG Meeting Minutes  Re-Focus Day Jan 7 2012

livestreamed by mouse at http://www.livestream.com/occupyhoustontranquilitypark

Facilitator: BenjaminF

Scribes: Karen, and the LS video archive (starts (@ 14:00) http://www.livestream.com/occupyhoustontranquilitypark/video?clipId=pla_98d65feb-3564-4eed-bb21-d6bf6c5d99d9&utm_source=lslibrary&utm_medium=ui-thumb

In attendance:

Webteram/Media Members: KevinL, KarenR, mouse, BenjaminF, Mary, Leif, EvanC, DianeS

newly joining WG members: Craig, DavidL, Miguel, Frank “Rev”, Vanessa F,  Ryan, LindaT,  CapitalT,  MilliK

Not on Sign In Sheet but in attendance: Erika, Neil Aquino, Ernesto Leon

(partial due to multi-tasking: Massoud, Jenny)

I. Announcements

 Mouse [14:30]: was recently approved by GA to be granted authority to speak for OH Media in requesting & securing donations of media kit (equipment) from sources via OWS. Asks group to suggest items for our NEEDS List for this effort. Mouse will maintain an ongoing Needs List.

Video Camera (webcam); digital audio recorder (handheld type); digital notebooks? tablet?; laptops?,  battery packs (to enable LS)

Mouse: several cameras were donated to OH for D.C. trip last month and only one came back. Trey: We need to addresss accountablility re equipment usage.

 Karen: asks everyone to please complete the Sign In Sheet to join Webteam/Media WG.


II. [24:02] Group Discussion per Agenda, (address new WG Guidelines)

BenF & Anon?:  we need to improve/ increase FB & website functionalities.

1. NEED TWO Points of Contact for WG email

KevinL: Webteam internal mail is our Google Group. All Media/Web WG Members should join & participate in there.

KevinL: the official email addy for webteam is webrequests@occupyhouston.org. Currently four people have access to read/reply, but we’ve become somewhat inactive; have not been checking it in the past few weeks. Kevin adds he has checked it recently & theres been nothing that needs attention. Need to expand & get more people with access to this addy. Offers to open it up for WG volunteers who wish to monitor this mail. Yes please = *d schluter, *Karen

Karen: PoC, the google group is for webteam internal comm’s, the webrequests email is for OH inter-group and non-OH external comm’s.

Mary: can the oh.org incoming mails be forwarded to the google group mail? Discussion, not decided.

Ernesto Leon (new person) [29:22]: video/audio person, offers to help OH with video & media projects, has been doing vid-interviews

Mouse:  requests Admin access to OH.org.  Kevin agrees to add him.

Neil Aquino (new to ohweb) [32:05]: has his own blog texasliberal.wordpress.com & blogs on Houston chronicle; offers to advise, mentor, assist in improving site traffic, timely content & related issues. Stresses the need for OH to attend to these matters asap. Would love to be ‘in the loop’ with OH as active participant. Gave out b/c’s, see: texasliberal.wordpress.com

BenF: agree, we need a special Focus Session for Functionality concerns asap, all agree (but not today, TBA).

BenF/FAC [35:00]: Proposed: Use webrequests@occupyhouston.org as Primary Contact,  needs to be announced more widely.  Friendly Amend Mary: with expanded access (at least 3 active people have access)  Agreed.

2nd e-Contact: [36:30] Mouse volunteers to create and monitor a 2nd addy. Requests that people be instructed to make their SUBJECT LINES clear & specific. WG says no, that’ll never happen, just leave it open-ended.  Agreed.

UPDATE:  the 2nd point of contact mouse set up is now operational:  ohtranquilitypark@gmail.com

2. NEED regular Web/Media WG Meetings [41:30]

Discussion and questions about “channels” and scope of WEB / MEDIA WG, these items to be included in Focus Session.

[47:20] WG (physical) Meetings should always be livestreamed. Can hold physical or virtual WG Meetings, or both ?  IRC is another option. Lots of ways to do it, we’re media!

Minutes of all Meetings need to be pub’d to website Minutes section. Several ideas bounced around on how to best do this, will review options and decide in G-Group discussions>next mtg.

Discussion about regular ongoing meetings days/times, no decision reached.

WG agreed: NEXT Meeting to be physical mtg at Tranquility Park on Jan 21 at 10 a.m. (before the Occupy the Courts action)


3.  NEED WG Mission Statement
WG decided this can be done collectively online in the next couple of weeks. WG will draft and post to g-group and create a google doc for group input & edits. Docs can be shared in different ways, Mary suggests we restrict it to Webteam only to edit but allow/invite others in OH the ability to view. Final to be completed & consensed by WG within {30} days for publish to OH.org. Agreed.


III. Close (54:00] unfinished items, tasks:

Draft WG Public (Mission) Statement (by Feb 7)

Set regular Meeting schedule and location (by Feb 7)

Schedule (& plan?) Focus Session on Functionality Issues (soon!)

Welcome new OH-Webbies, be sure to accept the evite to Webteam Google Group & join in further discussions there til we meet again…

Jan 21 at 10 am at Tranquility.