#F28 Mass Action: Stop the Suppression of the Occupy Movement

Stop the Suppression of the Occupy Movement

Tuesday, February 28 Hermann Square Park

No Rubber Bullets, No Beatings, No Tear Gas, No Mass Arrests, Don’t Suppress OWS!

by priceman


On Tuesday, February 28th, Occupy Houston will be standing in National Solidarity to give voice to our concerns over the suppression and to show that no matter what, WE WILL STAND TOGETHER. Even though the Occupy Movement has faced police brutality and harassment, mass evictions, excessive criminal charges, infiltration, and even been labeled as domestic terrorists, we are not going away. We will strengthen our bonds within our communities and with each other. We will push forward in our struggle against the corporate corruption of our democracy. On Feb 28, we stand together in solidarity and prove You Cannot Evict An Idea Whose Time Has Come.



Schedule of Events

2:00 Houston City Council Public Comment– Sign up, before 1:30 pm on Tuesday, to get on stack and voice your objection to the suppression of the Occupy Movement. The number is: 832-393-1100.

We object to…

  1.  The City’s alterations of the Hermann Square Park scheduled hours targeting & limiting Occupiers’ rights to free speech & assembly
  2.  Police Harassment of Occupiers
  3.  The City’s excessive charges that are deliberate attempts to intimidate into silence the peaceful protestors of Occupy
  4.  The lack of cooperation from the City with #OH’s right to use public space to peaceably assemble, day or night
  5.  Ask the city to not be involved in this National effort to suppress the Occupy Movement


4:00-5:30 Gather

Gather at Hermann Square Park in front of City Hall.

Don’t forget your signs.


6:00 Rally

Get on stack and use this time to show what Occupy means to you.

Focus Topics;

What lit the spark for you to become involved with Occupy?

  • I Occupy because…
  • I support Occupy because…
  • I am the 99% because….


“Movements grow, and can only grow, by answering repression with even greater and more powerful mobilization.”

For more information visit; dontsuppressows.org

F28…. Stand With Occupy.