#F4 OH Press Release: Occupy Houston Says “No!” to War With Iran

Occupy Houston Says “No!” to War With Iran

Houston, TX, February 3, 2012 – On Saturday, February 4, Houstonians will add their voices to the  resounding chorus of thousands around the globe demanding that the United States and Israel put an immediate end to any plans of hostile action towards the sovereign state of Iran.

Who: Occupy Houston and local affiliates
What: protest against hostile action toward Iran
Where: corner of Westheimer and Post Oak
When: February 4, 2012 @ 3:30 PM

February 4 is a national day of action calling for a complete cessation of any plans to initiate military action against Iran. The Occupy movement, as well as various other organizations, are coming together in a massive global demonstration to demand an end to Washington’s warmongering and encourage the peaceful resolution of differences. More information concerning the day of action may be found here:


War has become nothing more than a tool to control the 99% and enrich the 1%. Despite the fact that the International Atomic Energy Agency, various American intelligence agencies and the Secretary of Defense himself have all stated publicly that they have no evidence to indicate Iranian plans to construct a nuclear weapon, Washington and Israel continue to use this as a pretext to potentially pursue direct military action against the nation. Occupy Houston has grown increasingly concerned about Washington’s unquestioning deference to the hawkish rhetoric of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and its utter deafness to the advice of its very own U.S. intelligence community. In the midst of such a deep recession, Occupy Houston believes our tax dollars would be better spent on education and jobs here at home, instead of being put into bombs and guns that do nothing but destroy lives and tarnish the international reputation of the United States of America.

Come out and make sure Washington knows that you will not stand by while Washington throws away our tax dollars and endangers more American lives with another senseless war. Bring a sign and your best anti-war chant. We’ll see you there!


Dustin Phipps
Occupy Houston
Outreach Volunteer Group