Finance Meeting Minutes 2/21-2/25 2012

Finance Meeting Minutes 2/21- 2/25 2012

10 people in attendance

1. All Occupy Houston WePay, PayPal or any other donation accounts must first go through finance and then will be brought to GA for consensus. (GA approved 2/15/12) What are the official #OH accounts and do we have records of these?

-One official account; Occupy Houston WePay.

-We will work on getting printout statements of account

2. How do we get more (easier) access to WePay?

-Jenny will check into PayPal business account

3. Proposal that all financial proposals need to first come to finance work group in the form of email ( or in writing, then finance will bring it to the GA once it is found to be workable in the budget.

Q- Is it permissible to bring reimbursements to finance?

A- Reimbursements still count, but realize GA still has the final say.


4. Creating a budget- How much money comes in a month vs goes out a month

POI- Wouldn’t expect #OH to have any kind of normal budget due to not having regular expenditures.

Q-Ledgers and Transparency

A- Jenny has the cash ledger, Lief has the WePay ledger in the form of statement printouts

5. Fundraising

Jamin and Lief are both working on fundraising concerts to raise funds to help pay for $2600 in legal fees to collect evidence from D12 action. Lief working on itemized list.

-Check into shirt making

-set goals for fundraising and let the people know what exactley we are raising funds for

-Jenny will check into shirt making

6. Still need to formally accept offer from HPJC (as approved in xmas GA)

-Jenny having a harder time doing this than expected

-Ben will check into this

7. Thoughts on credit union account

-Mary and Ben will check into this

8. Proposal to ask Massoud to cut down cost for newspaper.

-Less color

-Less copies

-Really try to go ahead and ask him, again, to start his own Newspaper WePay account so we can start pushing this on the website.

-Ad sales in paper to help fund

-No need to cut down cost if Massoud raises his own money

****Finance consesus $400.00 is a reasonable amount that we can afford at this time. Still allowing Massoud to raise his own funds would help tremendously since we just do not receive that much in donations monthly. Also, we need detailed receipts for paper costs.****