GA Sunday Feb 19 AGENDA Special Topic

Friday night’s Planning Meeting was fruitful!  Some  folks stepped up & volunteered to Faciliate Sunday’s Session and the Agenda was consensed.  If you plan to attend Sunday, you can review this Agenda in advance & come prepared to participate in discussion of the many questions OH faces as we move forward.  See you then!

Sunday Feb 19 Agenda Strategy GA

Today, we answer some of the hard questions about what Occupy Houston is, where it’s going and how, specifically, to get there.

Special Topic GA: Internal Strategy

1-1:15              Welcome and Values Activity

1:15-1:25         Agenda and Participant Guidelines

1:25-3              Values: What Are the Guiding Principles of Occupy Houston?

  •             Decide on values all can agree on
  •             How do these get communicated?
  •             Who will help implement decisions?

3-3:10  BREAK

3:10-3:15         Opening Activity

3:15-4:45         Structure: How Do We Structure Ourselves In Order to Implement Our Values?

What structure will we create to coordinate efforts between occupiers?

  •                         How will it work?
  •                         What needs to be done to implement it?
  •                         Who will be tasked with implementing it?

The GA

  •                         When?
  •                         Where?
  •                         How?
  •                         Who will help implement decisions?

Work Groups

  •                         What workgroups are absolutely necessary for OH to function?
  •                         What workgroups are currently truly active?
  •                         What are workgroups required to do?
  •                         What are they forbidden to do?
  •                         Who will help implement decisions?

4:45-4:55   BREAK

4:55-5  Opening Activity

5-5:55  Goals: How Do We Enact Our Values?

Impending Coordinated Occupy Actions

Feb 28:  Mass suppression of Occupy

Feb 29: Protest ALEC Corporations

Mar 1: Student Rally and Walkout

Mar 15: ReOccupy 2.0

Mar 17: St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Mar 31: NOW DC

Do we want to develop best practices for deciding on/creating other actions?

  •                         What would they be?
  •                         Who will help implement decisions?

5:55-x= Continuation of Above OR New Items OR Feedback for Facilitation, Closing Activity and Adjourn