General Assembly 2/1/12

Shere- Moderator

Vera- Facilitator

Jenny- Facilitator/Scribe

Open Stack

15-18 in attendance

Work Group Report Back-

Logistics Report Back done in Proposal section

Political Action- Red Light Camera Proposal failed at City Hall. Houston City Council public comment, Tuesdays at 2:00.


Jenny- Propose to move GA’s to 2 nights a week, Sunday and Wednesday, 7:00. Also to propose keeping this schedule through Feb to see if it works better for #OH. -passed-

Jenny- Due to having to choose, many times, to go to work group meetings or GA, I propose that WG meetings do not get cross scheduled with the GA. Now that GA has been moved to 2 nights a week, this should be much easier to accommodate. -passed-

Jenny- Propose to stand in solidarity with the upcoming Anti-War with Iran March this Saturday, Feb 4. -passed-

Vera- Propose to move #OH to the park in front of the city court buildings (San Jacinto and Congress). Open for discussion…

-What is the point? I-Fest. Many volunteers already working on outlets for being involved with I-Fest.

-Do we loose city deed protection?- Unsure

-Harris County Sheriff vs. HPD

-Logistical issues

Blocked and Tabled, but continue open discussion…

-More beneficial to be evicted rather than just leave

-Symbolism of Tranquility

-Logistical issues of non-participants

-Why it is hard for some to actually participate

-How do we create a compassionate and self-sustaining community?

-How Los Angeles dealt with their issues.

-Good Neighbor policy

-Not here to be parental figures

-Disenfranchisement and outreach

-Taking back control of park

-Talk to higher enforcement agencies b/c these are civil rights issues

-This is very positive b/c we are here and we are working on solutions.

-Frustrating yet positive, heading in the right direction, will work with Logistics on good neighbor policy.

Consensus to Adjourn