General Assembly Minutes 2/15/12

Work Group Report Back

Direct Action- Amy- Break-up with the Banks action went great. The cops and security wouldn’t allow the mic checks, they were on to us as soon as we walked in. But we made a lot of noise, passed out a lot of info and got into some great discussions.


Shamus- I will be establishing the Houston Chapter of Iraqi Veterans Against the War.

Jenny- Occupy Houston will be joining up with Occupy Galveston for their Mardi Gras parade this Saturday the 18th. Meet @ Seawall and 25th at 6pm.

Shere- Occupy Houston was notified by Channel 2 that they wanted to do an interview with 3 occupiers tomorrow. It will air on Sunday the 19th.

Lief- Dodgeball report back, it went great, no one was arrested. Check Youtube for the video called Corporate Tax Dodgers Dodgeball at El Paso Corp. (I’m so sorry I didn’t get more details on this. I couldn’t hear due to the stupid library buzzer. -Jen)


Jenny- Any WePay, PayPal or other donation accepting account that is created with the Occupy Houston name must first be approved through the Finance WG then Finance will then bring it up for approval in GA. -passed-

Amy- Propose that the Strategy Meeting on Sunday will take place as the Sunday GA. -passed-

Amy- Allow the Friday Planning Meeting to set the agenda for Sunday’s Strategy Meeting. -passed-

Will- Any banning of people from FB needs to go through the FB WG then be brought to GA for approval. -did not pass 9/4-

Lief- Propose to hold an event for Feb 29th for the Occupy the Corporations call to action. -passed-

Jenny- Propose to hold an event for Feb 28th for the call to action against the Mass Suppression of the Occupy Movement. -passed-


Ray- stated opinions and ideas from a veterans standpoint.

Since there were no other opinions, there was a question about having an open discussion about the eviction and what is next. Consensus to wait and discuss these issues on Sunday.

Consensus to Adjourn