General Assembly Minutes 2/22/12

We started at 7:30 with a small quorum of 13. So instead of doing a formal GA, we consensed to an open discussion format. By the end, we had 20+ people.

Work Group Report Back

Finance- Jenny- We just started our first online finance meeting. Which is awesome. Finally, participation. For finance questions, you can email

Web-Jenny- Just got access to a wiki tab to update the website. Which brings it to….(see next report back)

Structure and Strategy- Jenny- S&S WG finally got the wiki links to update the website with the work group information from the Jan 7 WG event and the 30 day implementation period. We’ve been working hard to get all the info out to the public. Stay tuned and we should have all the email addy’s and work group addy’s easily accessible.

Feb 19th Report Back- Alice- The meeting went well. Values statement achieved. Next meeting will be on March 4.


Shere- proposed a document for #OH to stand behind and post on our website and media outlets. More info to come. (she made copies, but we don’t have them to put in the minutes yet.) -passed-

Open Discussion

Discussion and feedback from last strategy meeting

Discussion of upcoming #F28 event-

-Idea to go in front of City Council during public comment that day

-Ideas on what we would like to see brought up to City Council

-Different forms of suppression Occupy is facing

Discussion of #M1 event and Student Walk-Out

(At this point, the scribe had to leave.)

Consensus to Adjourn