General Assembly Minutes 2/26/12

This GA started small as well, so we again opted for open discussion format. By the end, we had 25+ in attendance.

Work Group Report Back

Finance- Jenny- We just ended our first online Finance meeting. It went well. Proposals discussed and achieved. Talk of fundraising. The minutes should be posted soon. For finance questions;

Structure and Strategy- Jenny- The new OH wiki is underway and in the beginning development  stages. The goal is for it to be “Open Source” to the extent that active Occupiers and WG’s can input their own details, news and Minutes. We  are recruiting volunteers, who have sufficient skills for the job, to sign  up for the Wiki Task Force to help us build it and upload content.  CONTACT: Karen R or Mary W.


Jenny- #F28- The agenda for the day begins at City Council Public Comment, 2:00. Use this time to speak against the various forms of oppression #OH has faced in these past few months. Different ideas include; eviction, police harassment, the changing of the Hermann Square hours, excessive charges against Occupiers, media falsehoods and exaggerations to make Occupy look bad, etc. From there we are going to gather at Hermann Square Park from 4:00-5:30. We rally @ 6:00, in Hermann Square Park.

Don- Green Party has started their meetings back up. West Gray Cafe, Mondays @7:00

Sandy- International Women’s Day Protest, March 10, 2:00pm, Post Oak and Westheimer. Meetings for this event are at Cafe Express on Kirby, Friday’s @7:00.

Jamin- #M1- March 1st Student walkout is shaping up to be a paramount day of action for the education community of Houston, TX, having already received the expressed support of the Rice Progressives, UH Students for a Democratic Society, TSU Urban Academic Village, University of California-Santa Cruz and students and professors of HCC. Tuesday, Feb 28 we will be mounting up for a final day of mass ‘flyer bombing’ at all schools (please email your name, number and availability to the address below) and on Feb. 29th we are calling all Occupiers, PTOs, PTAs, sororities, fraternities, alumni, student councils, teachers, professors, bus drivers, janitors, students and citizens to join us on your individual campuses to host your own press conference explaining why you’ve decided to participate on March 1st. On March 1st when you walk out of class/lunch/work, rally @ student center or flag pole (k-12) and students and faculty alike help facilitate the discussion ‘how we can create alternatives to the education system and when we can begin to implement them.’ Let’s do this together and say yes to comprehensive education for all, yes to taking full care of our educators including vacation time, yes to wholesome meal choices for all students and yes university-grade teachings without exorbitant student debt and unreasonably high campus book fees. ‘Say No To Business As Usual’ and on March 1st, Take Back Your Campus!

March 2nd- Agenda Planning Meeting for the March 4th Strategy Meeting

March 4th- Strategy Meeting- 2990 Richmond, 1pm-6pm

March 9th- Obama will be having his dinner here in town. Union Station @Minute Maid Park


Alice- Harris County Jail Privatization, Call to Action. (will update this with more info soon) -passed-

Neil- From Massoud and Amy- Hold an Occupy Houston logo contest for t-shirts. -passed-

Jenny- Finance- All finance proposals need to first come through finance in writing or in email ( and then the Finance WG will bring the proposal to the GA, if it can be fit in the budget. -passed-

Jenny- Propose to change GA’s to Monday and Thursday to allow for the strategy meeting and still have 2 GA’s a week. Also allowing other people to come out who might not be able to due to scheduling conflicts. -tabled-

Neil- Proposal to offer Occupy Cincinnati solidarity from #OH. -passed-


Don- Temp check on co-hosting a Green Party Debate

Trae- TXRX is moving. Capital sends his love and sorry he missed the GA.

Jenny- So glad to see everyone here. I miss seeing my Occupy family everyday. Need to see your faces and I love ya’ll. Thanks for being here.

Consensus to Adjourn