General Assembly Minutes 2/8/12


Jenny- Occupy Galveston has asked Occupy Houston to come out and march with them in the Mardi Gras parade Feb 11 and Feb 18. Stay tuned for details.

Jamin- Feb 29 is Occupy the Corporations. You can get on the planning calls through InterOccupy.

Ted- The last Wednesday of the month, on the 29th, there will be a teach-in on Roberts Rules of Order @ 2990 Richmond. It is a pay what you can teach-in.

Erika- This Saturday and Sunday there will be a teach-in by Lisa Fithian and Juniper. Check facebook for details.

Jenny- There are 2 new work groups forming. Structure & Strategy WG and Foreclosure Action WG. You can contact the Foreclosure Action Work Group on facebook. Just look up Occupy Houston Foreclosure Action. Stay tuned for more details on the S&S WG.


Ted- Discussion about having another Strategy Meeting in March. Propose to meet up @ 2990 Richmond to have a pre-planning meeting on Feb 19, from 2-4pm. Be there on time b/c the doors will lock. -passed-

Jenny- Propose to move GA’s to Sunday and Wednesday, 7pm. -passed-

Jamin- Propose to have an event March 1st in solidarity with the National Day of Action regarding Occupy Education. The plan is to stage many school walk-outs. Planning meeting at Bohemeo’s Saturday at 6:30. -passed-