Internet/Web WG Meeting Minutes 2/5/12

Internet/Web WG Meeting Minutes 2/5/12

ONLINE mtg, duration several days Feb 4 – 8.

Facilitator: Karen

Attendance: Linda L, Kevin L, JohnS, Jen, Ryan, RemoGamble, Diane S
NOTE: Benjamin & Mary both had notified us in advance they’d be out of town and unable to attend;

NOTE: AmyP (FB Admin and CAL Admin requested to be added to webteam g-group and wished to attend, request incomplete, pending KevinL action)

Discussion per agenda

 WG Guidelines compliance:
ACCEPTED ::  WG Charter … final draft approved by all in attendance, also Mary & Ben previously.
DONE *** We need someone to forward or share that doc to Jenny Sanders by Feb 7.

ACCEPTED ::  two points of contact emails:
UPDATE [KR] #2 email addy: before he hit the road, mouse passed the baton to Atilla: Gmail User Name:

INCOMPLETE::  establish regular Meeting day/times for twice a month open to public WG meetings? NOT DONE

FB Admin issues
Working on finalizing OH FB Admin Guidelines.  Once final and agreed, we can publish to the website & FB  > transparency. People need to understand the role of FB Admin, it’s a responsibility & service to all of Occupy not just a way to post about your own pet issues or activities.

Also, there are several FB Admins who are no longer active, we need to contact them and let them know we will be removing them so they have an opportunity to let us know if they want to stay, and why. (Already did this with Gessner Soto, done.)
RE: Karen & Jen volunteered to follow up :: KR: can someone volunteer to contact those folks? Cody, Allison…

NO DISCUSSION / INCOMPLETE :: KR: we need to finalize those FB Guidelines, draft is in the FB Admin FB Group

Livestream Updates (Announcement no discussion needed~KR)
KR: mouse is on the move, local OH Tranquility Park LS Channel passed on to Attila
KR: Tq Park LS link now linked on OH dot org (sidebar) by Mary

Functionality Issues

Karen:   (1) Mary (dreamingkat) now has ftp Admin privvies on That gives us technically THREE people? who have BOTH access AND skills, i.e. Cassie, Kevin & Mary. Cassie however has been inactive since mid-December, so functionally that’s only TWO… that I know of.

Kevin: I’ll take volunteers for others who want direct filesystem access, but IMO we shouldn’t have over three people. The potential for breakage is quite severe, and anyone with this access should be able to demonstrate competence with WordPress management, site hosting, and working on UNIX based systems.
Karen:  (2) Tech issues: ? Theme and organization of GA Minutes vs WG Minutes etc giving some of us fits. Kevin has been looking at that.

Kevin: Ideally we wouldn’t have a WG minutes category. I recall nuking that back when I did a category refresh a few months ago. The theme works now with it, but to prevent category creep I’d rather put those posts in the minutes category and tag them “general assembly” or with the name of their workgroup.
Karen: (3) whats the status of creating the OH wiki? > Kevin, Mary, Evan?

Kevin:  None, as far as I know. I haven’t had time to work on that. Those with wikipedia or mediawiki experience are welcome to contribute though. :)

Karen: My  thots (Karen): The Section on the dot org for GENERAL ASSEMBLY should contain *exclusively* GA intro, Guide, with Sub-Sections for GA Minutes, and GA Accepted Props (all that is there now). Adding the WG Minutes under the GA Minutes Section (and they all just go in there chronologically) is very confusing and jumbled. And then theres more WG Minutes over under the WorkGroup Section, all lumped and not sorted by WG. This isnt much better.  Seriously, its a mess.
SOLUTION I would like to see:
*keep the GA Section strictly GA;
* make the Work Group Section mostly descriptive and how to join or contact each WG
*  embedded links for each Work Group that send the reader to the Wiki page (WG section on the OH wiki), and also the Minutes go on the wiki, filed under each WG by WG, and in chrono, newest at the top.

like OccBoise has theirs, (see also Parent up HERE) or some variation of that. Im sure theres other Occ’s with similar formats, I just happened upon that one, and I liked it.

What about the wiki that Evan Carrol created a few months ago? (most recent edit there by Evan is Dec 17 2011)
Can that be used for this, or modified to serve this purpose?
MY SUGGESTION: Can we create our own little “Wiki Task Force” to get the ball rolling on this? I believe both Evan and Mary have the skills and interest and others of us could help.

Jen:  I LOVE THE WIKI PAGES. If you go poke around to the other occupations,
the websites that have the wiki style are amazing. I think we are at
the point we NEED to be dividing up the work group minutes. I just
added 2 months of finance minutes. After awhile, it just jumbles up
everything the way we have it now. Each workgroup needs to have it’s
own space on the website. Accessibility to the workgroups has been the
biggest complaint I’ve heard. Let’s fix the problem so people can get
involved. Just my opinion.

RenoGamble: Yes, I back the wiki idea.  Very good idea.


Ryan: i know im late to this and havent been saying much lately but wanted to mention that this is AWESOME AND I LOVE YOU ALL! it ain’t over, thats for sure. I’ll come back sooner than later, ill let you guys know.

DianeS:  Sorry for the late appearance, I’ve been a bit out of it.  I wholly approve the final draft of the charter.  Since there was a request that the regular meetings not me on Sunday’s I request that they be on Saturdays OR around 2 o’clock.  I also think the wiki is an invaluable tool that we should employ.


NEXT MEETING:  Thursday March 1 online in the google group