UH Students Call on Campus, Community to Support March 1 Student Walkout

UH Students Call on Campus, Community to Support March 1 Student Walkout
Opposes Budget Cuts and Layoffs, Supports Widespread Overhaul of Education System

WHO: UH Students and Graduates
WHAT: Press Conference for March 1 Student Walkout
WHEN: 2:00 PM Today, Feb 29th
WHERE: UC Student Center, UH Campus

Houston, TX – Today, University of Houston students are calling on Houston’s K-12 and college students, faculty and staff to take part in tomorrow’s nationwide student walkout in protest of increasing corporatization of education.

Student organizer Jamin Stocker said the event is also in support of finding alternative means to address issues. “Education today is less about learning, and more about being a cog in a broken machine. Maybe we need to scrap the machine altogether.”

“I’m walking out because I can’t afford new car’s worth of student debt in exchange for a degree,” UH Chinese Major Kelsey Taylor said. “If knowledge is power, education shouldn’t be so expensive.”

At 12 PM on Thursday, March 1, students plan to walk out and meet at the UC student center, where students will rally for a democratic, corporate-free education system.

“Education has become a capitalist industry that rewards executives with high salaries and ridiculous benefit packages, forcing struggling students to foot the bill.” said UH Theatre Major Caleb Travis.

“If our government funded schools like it funds the military, none of these issues would exist.” As college students are becoming increasingly burdened by a student debt bubble that’s risen above $1 trillion as of 2011, UH Law Graduate Sobie Malik is struggling to pay $150,000 in accumulated student debt.

“I’m glad I have a law job, because I pay more on my student loans than I do in rent.” said Malik, “Some of my other fellow grads weren’t as lucky. Some very gifted, highly-educated friends of mine are still looking. Our so-called ‘leaders’ should talk about jobs, not cuts.”

The walkout is part of a larger national day of action called by Occupy Education. Participating student groups include the Rice Progressives, UH Students for a Democratic Society, TSU Urban Academic Village, as well as students on 64 different campuses across the United States.

For more information, please visit: http://occupyed.org

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