FnB’s Last Legal Food Sharing if the Ordinance Passes Monday 3/19

Occupy Houston stands in solidarity with Food Not Bombs.  Food Not Bombs has been sharing free healthy vegetarian food for about 18 years. However, if this amendment to the city’s codes passes on March 21, then March 19 will be our last legal sharing. Home made food will be illegal. Unlicensed organizations will be illegal. Serving in public space that hasn’t been pre-approved will be illegal. So, on our last legal night, we are planning music, media, and of course free healthy vegetarian food.

5 Things You Can Do!
1) Sign the petition: tinyurl.com/freetosharepetition
2) Call the City Secretary at (832) 393 – 1100 on Monday or Tuesday morning, to reserve time to address City Council Tuesday between 2 and 5 pm. When you call, request 1 minute to speak against the anti-sharing ordinance. Then come Tuesday, and leave enough time to park and go through metal detectors.
3) Call all of your city council members on Monday. If they are already against the amendment, thank them. If not, tell them your own reasons, or simply say “The increased government regulation described in a new proposed law would lead to more hungry Houstonians and criminalization of those trying to help the needy. ” Council member numbers: Helena Brown (832) 393-3010, Jerry Davis (832) 393-3009, Ellen Cohen (832) 393-3004, Wanda Adams (832) 393-3001, Mike Sullivan (832) 393-3008, Al Hoang (832) 393-3002, Oliver Pennington (832) 393-3007, Ed Gonzalez (832) 393-3003, James G. Rodriguez (832) 393-3011, Mike Laster (832) 393-3015, Larry Green (832) 393-3016, Stephen C. Costello (832) 393-3014, Andrew C. Burks, Jr. (832) 393-3013, Melissa Noriega (832) 393-3005, C.O. “Brad” Bradford (832) 393-3012, Jack Christie (832) 393-3017
4) Come celebrate what could be the last legal food sharing with Houston Food Not Bombs!

Monday 8 – 9pm at 521 Lamar St.  Downtown Library Courtyard

Bring only vegetarian food, or just bring yourself.
5) Spread this post around!

~Nick Cooper


As some may know, Houston City Council is trying to pass an ordinance that would effectively prohibit nonprofit organizations and charities from sharing food with the homeless. It has three disturbing components
* all food must be prepared in a kitchen sanctioned by the Health Inspector (food czar); this means volunteers can not prepare food in their homes anymore
* all people distributing prepared food must be trained like food service employees for paid corporations
* you must have written approval from all points of distribution by the property owner — public, or private.

Food Not Bombs – Houston is a nonprofit pacifist organization that prepares vegetarian meals for the homeless. They do this out of love and passion. They’ll be hosting the last legal food sharing tomorrow at 8 PM. Go and show support for Food Not Bombs and all others that resist big government intrusions on our right to help other less fortunate members of the 99%. RSVP, invite your friends, and share the event bellow.

* https://www.facebook.com/events/346683062037845/

BTW this policy would also effectively kill off any permanent occupation. Occupy Houston ran off of food donations too. Did the City Council create this ordinance to kill off a potential future occupation? Maybe. But, ultimately it’ll be the homeless that bear the burden.

~ Evan Carroll