GA Minutes 3/07/2012

GA 3-7-2012
Library Plaza, 7:35pm
Scribe- Alice, Stack- Benjamin, Facilitator- Delbert, Moderator- Don

Workgroup Announcements
-Delbert/PPL of Color- March 23rd, South Texas School of Law, posted on facebook, legal discussion on the Camp Logan Riots, 8am-5pm, $25 to register


Vet, never been homeless, was going to go to mayor, their whole main thing is to get homeless people off the street. They could take care of the whole situation with a 5000 man tent if they will furnish a property where to set it up; keep homeless in a community that they can live in; HEB and so on bring donations; proposes that we ask the mayor for space.
??Remington, if you can draw something up with more detail
Benjamin, proposes we build a workgroup to develop this proposal; all agree
Proposal Tabled.

I am setting up a fundraiser for OH at Last Concert Cafe April 7th 9:30 pm – ? . Approval from GA to get moving on promotion on facebook etc. Fundraising particularly for legal fees incurred from the court action. None of the money goes to the lawyers– evidence, expert witnesses, etc. Need for ongoing fundraising activities because of unsteady flow of donations. Leftover money set aside for bail funds. $400 expense to the Last Concert Cafe for the venue. They would like the money in advance but they are flexible and we can take the money out of the door fee as needed.
Proposal: Make fundraiser official #OHTX event & get promotion on facebook, etc
Proposal Passes.

President Obama coming to town. Freethinkers putting together protest, asking for solidarity. River Oaks (?) and 1-4pm Toyota Center; focused on response to NDAA act, House bill 34acks; Friday March 9. Larry blocks
Seek to modify proposal to meet concerns of Larry related to potential that freethinker protest will have racist overtones and unfair criticisms of Obama. Larry’s block is not seconded; Ray doubts analysis that pushes blame to Bush for many of the issues Obama is facing. Obama responsible for 6th amendment challenge relateoindividual mandate. Discussion about “indifferent” votes vs. voting against.
Proposal: #OHTX be in solidarity and support Freethinkers’ protest of President Obama Friday, March 9th.
Proposal Passes.

[-Alice gives scribing to Will]

free press houston is having a giant concert on June 7th. He proposes that we try to pass out fliers. Ben Franklin amends the proposal to be that we empower lief to talk to houston free press about participating in the concert.
Proposal: Lief is empowered to talk to houston free press about #OHTX participating in the concert
Proposal passes as amended

This saturday is international womens day. There is a protest at westheimer and post oak at 2pm on Saturday. She wants to put this protest up on the website. The protest is about pornography and anti contraception legislation which is a reinstitution of patriarchal society. Ben Franklin asks if this proposal is just to publicise the protest, Alice says yes.
Proposal: Publicize International Women’s Day Protest on #OHTX websites
Proposal passes

Ben F.:
Proposal: That Occupy Houston officially endorses food sharing events, and that we actively invite members to participate in them in defiance of the proposed city ordinance amendment as official occupy houston events. Occupy Houston members will risk arrest in protest of the amendment by sharing food if the city ordinance amendment passes.
Proposal passes
Food Sharing workgroup suggested, Ben states he would immediately join such a Workgroup. For anyone else that would like to join, ben’s email is veryloudben@gmail

Lief: Austin and College Station want us to back them at a protest & direct action of Monsanto. March 19th. (no time announced yet) It will be at a Monsanto office on A&M’s campus. Proposal: That Occupy Houston support the Monsanto protest & direct action.
Proposal passes

Ray: the government doesn’t want a solution to our problems. They are wicked and nothing but a racket. They want to build more prisons because they get more money that way than if you pay your fines. The government is backing protestors overseas…WHY CAN’T WE PROTEST? Companies like GE are paying off the government and making the bills that they want to make. Anything I can do against this wicked government, I will do.

Ben F.: Using the hashtag #UnitedGA various occupys will put out ideas for other Gas to consider. When we see the issues presented we will decide if we want to craft a proposal in relation to that issue. We would then place it online and on twitter. Ben F. agreed to present this to OH for Occupy Austin to get a temperature check. Ben likes it because it is horizontal and helps bind occupys together. Ben gives remainder of time for questions.

Don- final chance to enroll as green party candidate; green party G3

GA Ends