Sunday Strategy Session March 4 Agenda

On we go, continuing what we started on 2/19.  Here’s the plan for Sunday:

1:00 meeting opens (explanation of process, introduce facilitation, etc.)
1:15 approve agenda and get to work
2:15 BREAK
2:25 Report on Work Groups
2:35 resume
3:35 BREAK
3:45 resume
4:45 BREAK
4:55 resume
5:50 evaluation, plan next strategy meeting (if any)

Our primary focus of this meeting is to finish creating the Work Group Coordinators. What we have decided (by consensus!) so far:

The role of the workgroup coordinators is to facilitate communication between workgroups and to rotate in service as responsible individuals who can be held accountable to the General Assembly, to bring workgroup proposals to the GA agenda (although this does not exclude individuals from independently making proposals at the GA or exclude individuals who would like to make proposals from seeking support from the coordinators), to ensure that information is disseminated properly, to help to develop proposal specificity where it is lacking, and to link proposals which have been passed to appropriate individuals (including seeking out volunteers and acting as mentors as needed) and workgroups for implementation. The ultimate goal of this process is to enable concrete action steps on the ground, to facilitate organization behind implementation while allowing space for spontaneity and exceptions.


Other topics to be addressed include rotation of service, roles, selection process, number of members, exact composition of the group.

If time permits, we will then address the following topics:

  • The GA. How often? Where? Could it be an even better version of itself and if so, how?
  • Defining Occupy Houston and spelling out our structure: is there work left to do?
  • Goals: putting our values into action. Will we participate in the upcoming solidarity actions of Occupy 2.0, St. Patrick’s Day Parade, and Occupy NOW, and if so, what will we do? How might we envision a Reboot of Occupy Houston?