General Assembly Minutes 4/1/12





22+ in attendance

New comer welcome, hand signals discussed


Will- just took a position with the American Civil Liberties Union as a youth organizer. If anyone is interested, please get in touch

Craig- City Council Public Comment on Tuesday, flier with the phone numbers to call to speak out against the food ordinance, there will also be a Food Share Picnic in front of City Hall on Tuesday, Keep Food Sharing Free and Legal

Jenny- Occupy Houston will be having a benefit concert on Saturday, April 7th, at Last Concert Cafe, see the fb event for details, come out and have some fun and help support fellow Occupiers

Jamin- There are many 99% Spring Training events happening all over town. Good Jobs Great Houston will be holding a training session. Check online for details on event dates and times. These trainings are free.

Miguel- will be working to have a voter registration drive, not to push canidates, but to push issue voting

Don- Green Party Meet-Up every Monday at West Gray Cafe @7. Friday, local Green Party canidates will be meeting up @ West Gray Cafe, 7pm. Come out and enjoy great conversation and debate.

Jamin- Tuesday. April 3rd, after City Council Public Comment, meet up in front of the library for a May 1st Action Planning Meeting

Jamin- April 19th will be the Occupy the Machine action in Manchester. Please visit for more info.

Work Group Report Back

People of Color- several Occupy Houston members just finished an 8 week training seminar at the Center for Racial Healing. Delbert, Boosie, and Lisa have all graduated from this program. For more details, see Delbert.

Roccupy- Asking for support and people to come out tomorrow (April 2) for a meeting with the Freedmen’s Town Association. The hopes are to continue to work together with this FTA and receive an affidavit of resolution.

Stucture & Strategy- looking for more volunteers. If you’d like to get involved with this work group, please message Jane Same on facebook.  For more info, see the new OH wiki.  Contact or join by email: to send request to be added to the OH S&S WG facebook group.


Finance- Jenny- Finance is proposing a new WePay account specifically to collect funds for bail and legal matters. POI; by bailing people out we feed the corrupt system, better people stay in jail and put a drain on the system, POI; by staying in jail, the jails make money off of the people in jail, so either way, the system gets fed more money. Restate proposal; Proposal Passed

Finance- Jenny- Proposal for $500 to have t-shirts made, hopefully in time for April 7th. This gets us 100 shirts, one color, one-sided. Q; Can we get them done cheaper? A; It seems to be the going rate everywhere we’ve called. POI; Selene might be able to help. Finance will contact Selene, but we are also in a time crunch for this first batch. Friendly Amendment; $500 is the initial allotment for shirts, and we will try our best not to need the entire amount. Proposal Passed

Jamin- Propose Occupy Houston get involved with the May 1st actions of a national General StrikeProposal Passed

Jamin- Propose that we endorse the 99% Spring Training, Q; does the 99% Spring training involve or any other political endorsement groups? A; Yes, there are groups involved that do endorse specific parties, but the training does not lean towards any party politics nor is there any kind of money transfer. It is free, so you don’t have to worry about financially supporting any group or canidate. POI; It’s a good idea to get this training and use the FREE resources available to us. POI; we can find a way to work with groups without endorsing political agendas; Friendly Amendment; We endorse the spring training WITH a disclaimer explaining the endorsement and informing the public of our findings, FA accepted; Proposal Passed

Jenny- Propose next Sunday to be the next Strategy Meeting. POI; that’s Easter Sunday, Friendly Amendment; Change next Sunday’s GA to be a GA with focus on Strategy and moving forward, Amendment accepted; Proposal Passed