General Assembly Minutes 5/20/12



Jamin- Proposals, When proposals come up whenever quorum isnt met, those proposals will go on to FB Admin Comm Central , who will then weigh in.

Jamin- Next week, at Houston Peace Festival., Occupy Houston will be helping to conduct a container garden event.

Jamin- Petitions for Food Not Bombs drive is in full swing for the July 4th deadline. For petition sheets contact Nick, 832.310.5414.

JJ- Metalheads Against Domestic Abuse will have its underground metal fest TONIGHT, May 25th, at 9103 Emmot St. Building 10 Suite 5. Kegs of beer and live metal, spread the word and be there. And on June 10th at Walters M.A.D.A will be sponsoring a show with Vital Remains, Krullur, Funeral Rites and Peasant, $10 cover

Jamin- An inter-TX Occupy event is being planned in Austin for this 4th of July to Occupy The Capital. Occupy Austin is spearheading the initiative in coordination with Occupy locations across Texas. More details to come.

JJ- The Houston Freethinkers will be having a Herbal Medicine SkillShare, May 26 at 01:00 PM

Jamin- Roccupy House project has come to an end.

Jamin- Freedmen’s Town Project House is no longer an Occupy house or workgroup. Check with Shamus for more information, 832.359-5687 or visit¬†FTPH .