Protests in support of Houston janitors

Actions scheduled this week to support Houston janitors as they push for a new contract.  Occupy support!

On May 17, Houston janitors and representatives from some of the country’s largest cleaning companies met for the final scheduled bargaining meeting to determine wages and working conditions for more than 3,200 Houston janitors. Houston’s commercial real estate market is currently the healthiest in the country, yet janitors who clean Houston’s office buildings are paid less than $9,000 a year—less than half the poverty level. Janitors and contractors reached impasse today, with both parties walking away from the table with no future bargaining dates set. The contract expires May 31st.

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WHEN & WHERE:  Wednesday, May 23, 2012;  12:00 Noon 

                                    Pennzoil Bldg.

                                    700 Louisiana, Houston 

WHO:                        Hundreds of Houston janitors, family members, and community supporters

Other actions:

May 24 –  4pm – Reliant Bldg. – 1000 Main

***May 25 – 12 noon – Chevron Bldg. – 1500 Louisiana***