General Assembly Minutes 5/27/12

Eric- Suggested a physical presence/info booth (what we stand for, what we’re about) booth at City Hall or Department of transportation locations. Shift schedules, 1 hour.

Jenny- Has sign up sheets for scheduled shifts already. Put sign up sheet online.

OH Participant- Put calender of shifts on web/mailing list for volunteering
Door-to-door campaigns?

OH Participant- Mobile information table at several locations

OH Participant- Make Facebook event to host discussion

Jenny- has every OH flier ever

OH Participant Promote mobile GA’s a la Oct. 6

Proposal- Eric proposed that we stand behind daily presence- PASSED

Jamin-  OH Jobshare program beginning with construction skills assessments

Proposal- Jamin proposed a movie screening for the film Paradise or Oblivion, date, time, location to be announced hopefully at next GA- PASSED

Occupy Woodlands- June 11 event, petition signing to overturn Citizens United