Notes from General Assembly, 7/22/12

Photo by Burnell McCray

Notes via Jamin


Jorge- Tuesday’s Janitor rally at 4:30, planned 30 arrests

Alice- Bringing anti-capitalists signs and pamphlets. Capitalism is the crisis, not just low wages. Mentioned,

Jorge- Join Occupy Houston’s Celly for messages directly to your cell phone about OH happenings. To add yourself text @Occupy_Houston to 23559

Sara- has $150 in gas money for those interested in organizing caravans or bus rides to the Tar Sands convergence.
Sara- see Sara or Theresa for Occupy The Gardens. Coordinating container gardening and permablitzes (home garden bombs) visit

Theresa – via Jamin- July, 27 Better This World film screening at The Artery, 5401 Jackson. Q & A with local Esteban Tovar, who features in the film, following the screening.
Theresa – Wants OH to begin thinking about our entry into the 2012 Art Car Parade. Her idea so far is to have 99% participants on bikes and skateboards chasing 1% fat cats. She has experience doing 5 previous parades.

Mary- To establish a new workgroup go to to add workgroup info as well as points of contact. Open for anybody interested.

Benjamin- Tar Sands Convergence coming up on the 27-29. See

Jamin- Spoke with Radical Eats about a Free Food Day to attract a broader crowd than the feedings downtown, also planning to coordinate with Last Organic Outpost who he’s been in contact with.

Ernie- Joined us from Occupy LA & Occupy Long Beach. Helped to organize the first truck convoy around Houston back in the 90’s. Represents a collective of non-union truck drivers who are in discussion about another mobilization. Ernie referenced the fact that most shut downs don’t take place through union support but through non-union support. Mentioned Ernie Marks and Contact info,

Reggie- New to Occupy Houston, likes what he has seen and heard, thus far, and is interested in helping out. Contact info, rgxhicks at

Chris- Took a temperature check on those interested in forming a group to protest Rick Perry’s refusal of Obama’s Healthcare Bill. Contact info, c.l.hoxworth.tx at or via FB at everybodyh8zchris

Jamin- NATGAT visioning session results see,!/vision-for-democratic-future/, re-emphasized autonomy and the power of Work Groups, cited OWS Music Work Group who organized the 99 Mile March. Talked about Occupy’s Anarchists roots and drew attention to their history of consensus decision making.

Jorge- On September 17, in solidarity with OWS proposed that OH also endorse re-occupying. PASSED