Extraction Reaction WednesdayS! 8/29

Report back from !Extraction Reaction WednesdayS! 8/29 Downtown TransCanada : 717 Texas

bit of a rough, short night “but before you know it, you’ll be so happy you aren’t anywhere else, the tiredness won’t matter”, I tell myself as I head to TransCanada @ 717 Texas with my new sign :)

yet nearly as soon as I arrive 2 “get a grip on reality, LADY” types jeer at me (possibly just for being early/alone :P robots sense weakness but had no further/sentient dialog to offer), and my hopes for an easy repeat of last week’s awesome acti
on seemed to be waning before even begun…

THEN Amanda rounded the corner! and Ben! Then Vi and Erick, Sarah, Michael, Jorge… and then we were 8! and I notice Jorge’s music guiding us (and even our would-be detractors) toward a brighter frequency of the downtown scraper-scape, transforming it into a real Community of the People. Real because any negativity was miniscule compared to the VIBRANT presence of loving and passionate people… having a blast!!!

coming together as conscientious *responsible adults* acting in order to save finite resources on which human life depends

sharing space, food, music, skills, and willingness to be part of real solutions instead of band-aids like this Tar Sands Madness! http://huff.to/PoH6NS

…and I didn’t want to be anywhere else in the world :) om

it occurs to me how vulnerable we can feel as individuals, and how exponentially strong we tend to become the instant we become a circle of 2, then 3… then 13 at the Galleria version (2700 Post Oak Blvd 6-8pm)

Join Us next/every Wednesday! Tar Sands Blockade Houston Events > https://www.facebook.com/TarSandsBlockadeHTX/events

717 Texas 11am-1pm
2700 Post Oak Blvd. 6-8pm

or better yet Join the blockade or provide support for blockers (non-arrest positions are available!)