Pro-Choice Sign-making Party Meetup Aug 11th 6 PM

Pregnancy Crisis Centers use fraud and deception to shame and misinform women about their reproductive rights.

PRO-CHOICE HOUSTON will host sign making party on Sat. Aug. 11 at 6 pm
2010 Waugh Drive Houston, Texas 77006

Signs are for the protest Choice Not Shame – to be held on Aug. 18 at the opening of another pro-poverty, fake “clinic”

See PRO-CHOICE HOUSTON facebook page for details

What Are Crisis Pregnancy Centers And What Do They Do?
Non profit organizations that shame women into continuing an unintended or unwanted pregnancy
Pose as actual health facilities to trick women
As abortion providers face legal obstacles in educating women about their options, CPC’s lie to women legally as protected free speech
Christian ministries and counseling centers
Mislead about abortion procedures
Mislead about abortion facts and statistics
Driven by religious agenda
Direct outreach to young and low income women
Use high abortion rates in the Black and Hispanic community for their pro life agenda
Cry ‘racism!’ when the real issue is lack of healthcare in lower income communities

What Crisis Pregnancy Centers Aren’t/Don’t Do
Medical/Health Care Facilities
Staffed with actual registered nurses or doctors
Full options counseling service
Provide or make referrals for abortions or birth control