Right Now! Twitter Chat with Bank of America Greenwash PR!

Via RAN Rainforest Action

Hey all—BofA is having it’s first, and possibly last, Live Twitter chat about it’s new corp. social responsibility report. The report’s enviro section is basically greenwash PR.

RAN’s coal team is staging an intervention and could use your help. If you could post any or all of the sample tweets below, we’d love you forever. (ok, we already do, but it’d be even better if you did).

Please help.

1. Tweet from your own account right now and help frame the debate beforehand. Make sure to use the hashtag #BofACSR, as well as the individual hashtags #BofA and #CSR if you have room. Here are some sample tweets:

#BofA, you can’t have it both ways: Can’t be socially responsible and profit from destructive #coal industry http://ow.ly/cZtGI #BofACSR

#BofA releases corporate social responsibility report, fails to address supremely irresponsible #coal funding http://ow.ly/cZrd4  #BofACSR

2. At 11:00, tweet these messages out. email your friends and allies who are on Twitter and ask them to Tweet as well. Here is a sample tweet:

@BofA_Community: I’m curious to know how #BofA can claim to be socially responsible while still the #1 funder of US #coal. #BofACSR

@BofA_Community: Why is #BofA trying to have it both ways? Can’t be committed to #CSR and fund #coal, most irresponsible energy. #BofACSR