Sat Aug 18th Choice Not Shame – Protest POSTPONED due to Rick Perry’s schedule

AUG. 16 Update folks: The opening for this Crisis Pregnancy Center has again been pushed back. It’d be nice to say it was because of us and that we could keep postponing their opening indefinitely, but it may be just to accommodate Rick Perry’s schedule as he now is expected to be at their opening/dedication. More fun for us, but at a date still to be determined. We won’t be standing in the heat this Saturday, but sometime in the near future. Add Gov Perry to the fun and we can make this a real hoot! please stay tuned for the change in date and have a swell weekend!CHOICE, NOT SHAME!
8312 Long Point Rd Houston, TX 77055

Pro-Choice Houston is hosting an informational picket to warn women about these phony health-centers. Women deserve real health options without the talking to. End the shaming!






What Are Crisis Pregnancy Centers And What Do They Do?

  • Non profit organizations that shame women into continuing an unintended or unwanted pregnancy
  • Pose as actual health facilities to trick women
  • As abortion providers face legal obstacles in educating women about their options, CPC’s lie to women legally as protected free speech
  • Christian ministries and counseling centers
  • Mislead about abortion procedures
  • Mislead about abortion facts and statistics
  • Driven by religious agenda
  • Direct outreach to young and low income women
  • Use high abortion rates in the Black and Hispanic community for their pro life agenda
  • Cry ‘racism!’ when the real issue is lack of healthcare in lower income communities

What Crisis Pregnancy Centers Aren’t/Don’t Do

  • Medical/Health Care Facilities
  • Staffed with actual registered nurses or doctors
  • Full options counseling service
  • Provide or make referrals for abortions or birth control