The Spirit of Occupy Resolution Oct. 2012


Occupy Houston The 1st Day


WHEREAS – the original call to Occupy was to literally occupy public space for redress of grievances against the corporate corruption of our democracy; a corruption so complete as to render any usual avenues of redress ineffective, and

WHEREAS – these physical occupations allowed a space for a diverse group of people to come together and create new social justice avenues as well as reignite existing ones, and

WHEREAS Рthose avenues for social justice included specifically but were not limited to, compelling Port of Houston CEO Alec Dreyer to resign by spotlighting his 2006, $100 million taypayer-financed debacle, the never used Bayport Cruise Terminal, speaking out and taking action against the City of Houston Feeding Ordinance that will severely curtail the sharing of food in public with those most in need, supporting Houston janitors in their struggle for a living wage, protecting our local and national environment by opposing the Keystone XL Pipeline, and

WHEREAS – Occupy Houston has stood and continues to stand with our brothers and sisters to demand:¬† an end to the racist prison industrial complex that preys disproportionately on minorities and all forms of racism, an end to the bigoted policies that prevent our GLBTQ sisters and brothers from receiving equal rights under the law and all forms of bigotry, an end to the denial of a woman’s right to sovereignty over her own body and all forms of sexism, an end to predatory lending that burdens our sisters and brothers seeking betterment through higher education and all forms criminal usury, an end to all violent means of resolving problems, from wars that line the pockets of Wall St. war-profiteers while maiming and killing innocent civilians and patriotic soldiers, wars that destroy our credibility as a nation and cause irreversible damage to our one home planet, to the violent oppression of peaceful protesters exercising their right to a public redress of grievances- this and so much more, the spirit of Occupy Houston will continue to demand and act upon, to create a more equitable world for 100% of the Earth’s inhabitants, and

WHEREAS – the Occupy Movement continues to capture the imagination of the 99% even after a nationwide crackdown ended the majority of Occupy encampments, and

WHEREAS – these manifestations of Occupy include such a wide scope of social justice activism, held in both public and private space, that the overarching “spirit of Occupy” can no longer be contained within a General Assembly, and

WHEREAS – In May 2012, Mayor Annise Parker, The City of Houston Volunteer Initiatives Program and Volunteer Houston awarded Occupy Houston with a certificate of appreciation for Occupy Houston’s outstanding volunteer work, and

WHEREAS – The certificate states verbatim: The City of Houston, Mayor’s Volunteer Houston Awards 2012, The City of Houston Volunteer Initiatives Program and Volunteer Houston commend Occupy Houston for Outstanding Volunteer Service, Honor and achievement through your service exemplifies good citizenship and improves the quality of life in our city, Given With Appreciation – signed Annise D. Parker, Mayor, City of Houston,

BE IT RESOLVED – that Occupy Houston is a leaderful group of individual activists and Occupy is an idea that will never die, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED – that any and all nonviolent social, economic and environmental justice actions operate in “the spirit of Occupy Houston” and Occupy Houston will continue to inform the public and confront authority in all matters concerning the corporate corruption of our democracy using all peaceful and persuasive means available.