Happy Birthday Occupy Houston!

Tomorrow, October 6th, is Occupy Houston’s first birthday. We’re having a party and you’re invited. We’d love to have you here all day, but feel free to drop in for a few minutes or a few hours. Fun, educational, and family friendly. :)

Birthday Party Schedule:

9a – 10a Take Hermann Square at City Hall (table set up, sign making, sidewalk chalk, music, drums, etc)

10a – 11a The People’s Brunch

Field Trip(s): 11a – 1:30p Downtown Tour de 1% (routes to be announced)

12p Noon Rally & Announcements at the Reflection Pond

1:30p – 2p Open Progressive Stack for Additional Teach-Ins (sign up for teach-ins & discussions)

2p – 6p Expected Teach-Ins & Discussions

  • Visit to Greece Report-back/Discussion
  • Creative Non-Violence Direct Action
  • National Gathering Visioning Results Discussion
  • Feeding Ordinance Discussion (with Food Not Bombs)
  • No Tar Sands Discussion (with TarSandsBlockade Houston)
  • What is Consensus/Radical Discussion (with ESSC)
  • Importance of Independent Media (by Houston Indy Media)
  • The Occupy Movement and the Necessity of Socialism (by Marxist Reading Group)

Note: Teach-Ins & Discussions may be happening simultaneously

Field Trip: 3p – 8p Houston Zine Fest, 3801 Polk St (free admission)

6p Birthday GA

7p The People’s Dinner

7p – 9p Entertainment including music, art, reflection, soap box (replacing GA opinion section)

9p Public Concert featuring The Free Radicals

10:30p Take Downtown March

***Remember to bring sleeping gear for over night occupation!! (Sleeping bags, cheap tents, cardboard, blanket, pillows, bedrolls, etc)