International Seed Dispersal Oct. 24 in Houston

4 Locations in Houston! See below for times and locations.

In addition to being National Food Day, October 24th is also the official United Nations Day and, as a counter to this events irrelevance to human interests as well as the ongoing malpractices of groups like Monsanto; OH Sustainability Work Group, in solidarity with Occupy movements everywhere, is helping to host an International Seed Dispersal!Information regarding crops most likely to do well in your region will be made available, here, beforehand allowing each Occupy or affinity group to decide their own specifics on dispersing: whether it be along major highways, country roads or within neighborhoods or at a local farm or garden.This event also seeks to be part of the answer to the vision of “local food production, community gardens, & permaculture agriculture” as seen in the visioning session results of NATGAT!This Earth belongs to us, and it’s time we reclaim it! Redistribute far and wide!!!

Stay tuned for more updates and conference call times.


8AM-Eco-Tone: At this humble garden we’ll be taking on the tasks of labeling, harvesting, weeding, tilling, dispersing new seeds and overall garden maintenance! LOCATION: Eco-tone, 3616 St. Charles St

11AM-Marcus Garvey Garden: Come experience and be apart the growing efforts of this local initiative and, be sure to stick around as we tackle building out the irrigation system to accommodate future expansion! LOCATION: 5309 M.L.K. Blvd.

4PM-The Silo: Learn about the feasibility of growing food in less spacious settings using container gardening. Pots, seeds and seedling will also be available for purchase! LOCATION: next door to LOO Last Organic Outpost

7PM-Last Organic Outpost: Help harvest fresh organic produce, disperse seeds and get a chance to tour this vibrant urban community farm and learn about all that it has to offer including bee-keeping, aquaponics, worm ranches; and lots more! LOCATION: 711 N. Emile St.

Light breakfast at Eco-Tone @ 8AM. Finger food potluck at Last Organic Outpost @ 7PM.

We encourage everybody to stay hydrated throughout the day! Water will be made available.

*Remember to bring gloves, work shoes, and any tools you thing would be handy!

Conference Call Tonight at 7PM EST
Follow this link below to register: