Nov 3 Having Our Say: The Art of Occupy

Having Our Say: The Art of Occupy  Saturday, 6:00pm – 11:00pm at WAR’HOUS Visual Studios

This is an art event showcasing a unique variety of music and artwork including sculpture, prints, paintings, and screened objects from a diverse and well-rounded group of both traditional and local street artists that seek to illuminate the many aspects associated with the Occupy Movement worldwide. Our talented artists are united in their support of, and have agreed to donate 50% of the sale of their works toward local chapters of the Occupy and Food Not Bombs Movements. Expect the unexpected!

Emmanuel Nuño Arámbula
Dom Bam
James Burns
Yamin Cespedez
Sergio Cornejo
Rosie de Riveteur
Matthew Douglass
Robert Estep
Tito Fabian
Vincent Fink
Nathan Gabriel
Jere Guillory
Duke Huberman
Nyssa Juneau
Catherine Kleinhans
Chris Litherland
Lynet McDonald
Dae One
Emmanuel Oni
Mandy Peyrani
David ‘Lowbrow’ Pilgrim
Justin Ransburg
Nick Weiss
Michael Wooten

*And featuring selected works from fabled Zap Comix artist S.Clay Wilson !!